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  • The Development of Airborne Pulse Doppler Radar
    The WX introduced the use of a mux bus (termed " digibus ") concept to connect all modular units in a digital fashion and all units could be easily substituted since there are no adjustments-a far cry from the early days.
  • 2004 Pioneer Award at the Digital Avionics Systems Conference
    H009,STANAG3838,ASCC Air Std50/2, DEF STAN 00-18, Digibus , 1773,ARINC453 ...they are all versions of, or related to, MIL-STD-1553, the 1Mhz digital , multiplex time-division avionics data bus that communicates across a shieldedtwisted wirepair at a snails pace …
  • Alkan Dispensing System (ADS)
    Digital data bus frequency: up to 76,800 Hz (to detectors) Discrete inputs: 16 (programmable) MDU management capacity: up to … … pulse: 100 mA/100 µs (firing lines) Electrical resistance check: 1 W (± 0.5) Interfaces: ARINC 429, DIGIBUS and MIL-STD-1553 …
  • Evolution from analog to digital integration in aircraft avionics - a time of transition
    France’s MOD adopted 1553 as one variant of their own “ Digibus ” standard. The Mil-Std-1553B digital avionic multiplex data bus has a number of definite advantages.
  • Medium PRF for the AN/APG-66 radar
    Radar functions are computer con- trolled via bidirectional data busses ( Digibus and DSP bus ) internally, and the F-16 Avionics Mil-Std-1553 multiplex bus externally. The antenna, low-power RF, transmitter, digital signal processor, computer,and .
  • Sital's Multi-Standard PMC and cPCI HyperBoard Available for Mil-Std-1553, WB-194, H009, ARINC-429 and Other Protocols
    … its new PMC and Compact PCI Hyperboard, a robust and efficient platform for avionics communication bus applications. Other protocols, like French DigiBus , are also available upon request. The board also includes eight digital I/Os and IRIG-B time-tag input and output channels.
  • TSE 6010 Battlefield Identification Friend-or-Foe (BIFF) system
    The equipment's modular construction allows it to be customised to meet specific requirements, with installation flexibility being further enhanced by integral RCU CANbus and RS-232 interfaces, together with Digibus and MILitary STanDard (MIL-STD) - 1553B bus interfaces as options. … function in a directional Data Exchange Mode (DEM) or as an omni-directional Digital Data Link (DDL).
  • SAVAN 15 day/night gunner's sight and fire-control system
    electro-optic/infrared sensors, with or without direct optical viewing; databus interfaces (including 1553, Digibus , RS-422 and CAN BUS ); inertial functions (such as dual-axis stabilisation of the line-of-sight, vertical sensing at standstill or on the move, north-seeking, land … 3 - A modular digital electronics assembly including a digital computer for fire-control computations and all the …
    Interface cards provide a link‐up either to a Digibus (HL‐60) or 1553 databus. Texas Instruments' TNS digital electronics based on 68000 biprocessors written in Pascal language is interfaced with a 1553 bus .
  • Programmable Millimeter Wave (MMW) Radars For Gun Fire Control
    SYSTEM INTERFACES MAXBUS DIGIBUS VHSIC Radar Processor Ring Bus Figure 18 Interface to the radar system analog -to- digital converters will be by means of a digital input …

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