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  • Selecting a Flame Detector
    immunity to infrared radiation produced by arc. welding, lightning, sunlight, and other hot objects that might be encountered in industrial. backgrounds. 2. Visual Flame Imaging Flame Detectors. Visual flame detectors employ standard charged couple device (CCD) image
  • The latest developments in camera event capturing
    cameras, digital image storage, runnability, efficiency, troubleshooting Paper breaks are an efficiency robbing reality on all types of paper machines and coaters. Reducing breaks has become more and more important with the increasing speed and operating complexities of today's paper and board
  • ESA's Faint Object Camera First Images
    tube to produce an electronic image, which is scanned by a sensitive television camera and converted into digital data for transmission to Earth where it is reconstructed into a picture. Amongst the many observations the FOC will make are quasars. According to estimates, the light we receive from
  • Get ready for single-pixel cameras
    as it is digitized, rather than compressing image data after digitization. It involves a single-photon detector whose output is digitized and then transmitted to a digital signal processor. The DSP uses sophisticated algorithms to reassemble the data into a version of the original image. Researchers at Rice
  • AN07: Scintillator Options for Shad-o-Box Cameras
    . The light emitted via fluorescence in the scintillator is then. absorbed by the detector and converted to an electronic image. Some detectors can be equipped with different scintillators in order to optimize their sensitivity and resolution for a given application. In particular, the Shad-o-Box digital
  • Buying a Thermal Imager for Condition Monitoring
    an impressive View. IFOV is the smallest spot size an infrared camera. image and are worth considering if you are an electric can see at a given distance with a given lens and detector. utility and will be inspecting large outdoor substations. array. It is usually written on the specification sheet
  • Medical Device Link .
    of cameras and integrated imagers can be interfaced to combine cameras, lenses, and lighting in a single system. A frame grabber and a vision accelerator, both with an analog interface, and a vision accelerator with a digital camera interface are some of the optional accessories available. All configurations
  • Wired 11.03: Start
    camera to use Foveon's technology - captures three times more color per pixel than standard digital shooters. But here's the thing: This isn't digital technology. It's a twist on old-fashioned analog electronics - an array of millions of light filters and detectors etched in silicon. Weird as it sounds

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