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Parts by Number for Digital Connection Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
EU5E-SWD-8DX Allied Electronics, Inc. EATON CUTLER HAMMER Not Provided Module, Digital, 8 I/O, for Connection of Digital I/O Signals, SmartWire-DT
AM-140-A Allied Electronics, Inc. AMPROBE FLUKE ELECTRONICS Not Provided Precision True RMS Digital Multimeter with PC COnnection

Conduct Research Top

  • Interfacing ASC Digital Sensors
    PURPOSE: To demonstrate how pressure measurements can be made using All Sensors Digital Pressure Sensor with All Sensors Evaluation Board. For this Discussion Hyperterminal is used to acquire data from the EV Board to a PC. APPLICATION: Ideal for engineers to collect data in lab evaluation
  • What to Look for in Your Soldered Connection
    Today, a flawed coaxial connection can severely reduce performance on digital systems like ThinNET (EtherNET), Wireless networks like WiFi and WLAN's and high-end video like SDTV, DTV and HDTV. Where just a few years ago a poorly installed CCTV connector might have yielded a 1dB or less loss
  • Combining the Best of Analog and Digital Indication
    Measurements of process parameters have historically been accomplished by the analog panel meter (APM). As processes evolved, a need arose for more accuracy in readings. This led to development of the digital panel meter (DPM). However operators still preferred an APM for a quick indication
  • Understanding Digital Potentiometers Resistor Variations
    AN1080 The Step Resistance (R )THE R RESISTANCE SAB Microchip offers Digital Potentiometer devices with The R resistance is the total resistance between AB resistances of 2.1 k?, 5 k?, 10 k?, 50 k?typical R Terminal A and Terminal B. The R resistance is really AB AB and 100 k?. These devices
  • Copper Cabling for Digital Audio and Video Applications
    data cables may be modified and used for interconnection. Tech Brief - Copper Cabling for Digital Audio and Video Applications. HOME | SITE MAP | SEARCH. YOUR WIRE & CABLE CONNECTION. ABOUT QUABBIN. Markets. History. Facilities. Quality Policy. Recognition. CABLE FINDER. LITERATURE. Articles
  • Digital Current Loops and Direct PWM Control
    Until recently, digital control of a motor's current loop was not feasible - the required bandwidth of the current loop was too high for a cost-effective digital solution. However, with the advent of DSP technology, this has changed. Delta Tau has taken advantage of cutting-edge DSP technology
  • Digital Speed Breathes Life Into Analog I/O
    and intelligent digital and analog I/O with optical isolation with a wireless connection option," he says. "This lets users manage their analog I/O as part of an overall system. These smaller, networked sensors also let users convert analog signals to digital numbers at the source.". Users want
  • Communicating with Daisy Chained MCP42XXX Digital Potentiometers
    The MCP41XXX and MCP42XXX family of digital potentiometers allow for daisy chaining of multiple devices on a single SPI? bus. It is possible to communicate to multiple devices using one 3-wire data bus (CS, CLK and DATA), by connecting the SO pin on one device to the SI pin of the next device