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  • Digital Printing Glossary of Terms
    of the colorants (dyes and pigments) typically used in formatting (including inkjet printing). These four colors are used to create all colors in this type of digital image. Color Matching System. A system of computer software, display hardware, cardboard color wheels, and color filters. Used together
  • Creating 3D Digital Art Pieces
    be brought to reality. Creating 3D Digital Art Pieces. Working cooperatively with artists, ProtoCAM takes the artists' 3D CAD representations or provides 3D CAD modeling services to create the CAD drawings that can be made. ProtoCAM then uses stereolithography or other techniques to make the 3D art
  • LVDT, Half Bridge and Digital Transducer Theory
    ). Flexure Gauge (DU). Digital Miniature Flexure. Digital Displacement (DS, DO, DR). Digital Displacement S Series (DS). Digital Displacement Optimum Series (DO). Digital Displacement Sensor (DR). Digital Miniature Sensors (DM). Digital Lever Probe (DL). Linear Encoders (LE). Drivers and Software
  • Development in Machine Vision Software (.pdf)
    . a scene. Other methods like laser triangulation, stripe-light, time of flight and other structure light. approaches are of course also important but I will leave these for now. The properties of 3D. stereo vision are: ●. Low cost due to inexpensive high quality digital cameras. ●. Fast 3D data acquisition
  • Software Implementation of Asynchronous Serial I/O
    software implementation of Asynchronous Serial I/O (Half Duplex RS-232 Communi-cations) using PIC16CXXX microcontrollers. These microcontrollers can operate at very high speeds with a minimum of 250 ns cycle time (with input clock frequency of 16 MHz). To test the RS-232 routines, a simple Digital
  • Using Digital I/O: Adding Common I/O Features to Your Tests
    Output. Link to chart of I/O voltages and options for the 1100H+, 1100R+ and Touch 1. View Complete Help Article on Digital I/O for the 1100H+ & 1100R+ (PDF format). easy-wire CR. Getting Started Controlling Inputs/Outputs with Cirris easy-wire Software. To enable your easy-wire CR tester for use
  • Software Lets Designers "Test Drive " Machines
    Digital prototypes help speed the design of custom packaging machinery at s, Spokane, Wash. Previously, the firm created 2D drawings of machines from customer specs. It then checked for part interferences. The pieces proceeded slowly as parties exchanged and reviewed drawings. To make matters worse
  • Medical Device Link .
    by the maturation of inexpensive, easy-to-use solid modeling CAD software. It is now routine for an engineer to create a virtual 3-D part model and e-mail that design file to a supplier. The supplier then uses and perhaps modifies that digital file to begin design of the tooling that will ultimately

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