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  • Digital Calipers Go Beyond Basics (.pdf)
    . • Comparing an ID and an OD for fit. Often one may be. faced with boring a cylinder to fit a piston or making a. shaft to fit a hole. The digital indicator can be used to cal-. culate the fit so one can machine the part to the correct. size. Let’s start with a hole and match a shaft for it. First
  • Test Indicators
    , and comparators are instruments for comparative measurements of where the linear movement of a precision spindle is amplified and displayed on a dial or digital display. Test indicators have sufficient accuracy for shop or production gaging and are often machine mounted. Indicators have a higher degree
  • Opthalmoscope Enters Digital Age
    A smart ophthalmoscope that takes digital photographs of the back of the eye is being developed in the UK. When commercialized, the instrument will enable opticians to email electronic images of a patient's retina to specialist clinics. This could ease the burden on eye hospital equipment and speed
  • Combining the Best of Analog and Digital Indication
    Measurements of process parameters have historically been accomplished by the analog panel meter (APM). As processes evolved, a need arose for more accuracy in readings. This led to development of the digital panel meter (DPM). However operators still preferred an APM for a quick indication
  • Digital Coding Schemes for Mixed Signal Communication
    of. These converters will produce digital code that repre-. the positive binary number, hence converting it to the. sents both negative and positive analog inputs. negative binary number counterpart as shown in. Table 2. With this coding scheme, the MSB can be con-. sidered a sign indicator. When
  • Model SC Tank Level Indicator System
    . Troubleshooting and Manuals. White Papers. Home > Technical Resources > Application Notes > Model SC Tank Level Indicator System. Model SC Tank Level Indicator System. The Model SC digital sensor indicator is programmed for tank level measurements for all tank shapes. The Model SC can be used
  • Digital déjà vu
    When digital electronics were introduced 30 years ago, many predicted the end of all analog devices, from dial indicators to watches and speedometers. It hasn't happened. Analog. watches have returned to popularity, speedometers remain largely analog, and for many gaging applications - where
  • Application note for Analog Devices Analog-to-Digital Converter Model AD9640 (.pdf)
    This application note explains the use of Anaren's multilayer balun (BD0205F5050AHF) in conjunction with Analog Devices AD9640 integrated dual 14-bit, 80/105/125/150 MSPS analog to digital converter. The AD9640 ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) operates up to a 125 MSPS conversion rate