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  • Thermal degradation kinetics and solid state, temperature dependent, electrical conductivity of charge-transfer complex of phenothiazine with chloranil and pic...
    The resistance measurements were done using DOT-402 Digital Milli Ohm Meter and DOT-425 Insulation resis- tance tester, Bhandari Electronics and Electricals, Banga- lore, India.
  • Meters / Resistance Test / Ohmmeters
    DM480C+ - Digital Milli - OHM Meter .
  • B&K Precision - 310 - Meters - Meters - Allied Electronics
  • Ohmmeters / 4
    DM480C+ - Digital Milli - OHM Meter .
  • DOT Technologies
    Digital micro / milli ohm meters dot 401 is a compact portable precision instrument measures resistance of a conductor.
  • CR4 - Thread: Busbar mV Drop Test
    Then multiply the resistance with the maximum busbar current to get the milli Volt (mV) drop across .... Here are some links for digital micro- ohm meters that can be used for the ductor test: .
  • trouble shooting 12v welder
    Actually, I measured the resistance of my cable length by using two cheap ($15) digital meters , one set for current (10 amps) and the second to measure the voltage drop. .... So V=IR, R=V/I=42.3 millivolts/10 amps = 4.23 milli ohms or 0.00423 ohms.
  • Polyaniline, ethylene vinyl acetate semi‐conductive composites as pressure sensitive sensor
    DC volume resistivity was measured for high resistive samples by using the instrument Agilent 4339B (High Resistance Meter attached with Agilent 16008B Resistivity Cell), and for low resis- tive samples by the instrument GOM-802 (GW Instek DC milli Ohm Meter ). .... DC resis- tivity of EVA/Pani composites was measured by the instrument Agilent 34401A ( Digital multimeter) coupled with…
  • New devices and chemicals
    In position ,,absolut, " 1 / ohm = S is directly indicated. .... AuBer becomes that Digital-Get , it an Analog-Leitf'fihigkeitsmeBger/it offered as well as a Digitally-pH- meter , type CG 811, that also fibers an automatic temperature compensation with the resistance thermometer Pt 100 verffigt has a Milli volt region and is provided…
  • Meters / Resistance Test / Current Meters
    The meter digital milli -ohmmeter is a battery operated instrument wich supply a low current to the circuit under test, with which, stable, accurate measurement of low resistance can be made, still, over a wide range of values. .... MM600 - Micro- Ohm Meter .
  • CR4 - Thread: Megohmmeters - Analog or Digital?
    I think digital measurement in six digits is much better or use a Logarithmic analog meter for this purpose to have all ranges on single scale. .... For safety purpose add 1k ohms resistance in series to limit the current to 9mA even in .... If you have a milli volt meter then you can also make a current source out of…
  • Resistance / Micro Ohmmeters
    The Ballantine 4 ½ Digit Micro-ohm Meter 3207 measures Low Resistance in Milli and micro- ohms with precise accuracy. .... PME-100 - Digital micro ohmmeter up to 100A .
  • New Products
    The Strainsert HWI -D portable Strain and Bridge Transducer Digital Indicator can now be obtained in a … cover- ing both foil and semi-conductor straingauges, with the convenience of 350 ohm bridge completion built .... Overall accuracy is better than 0.1%; resolution is 2 parts per million; milli - volts/volt, microstrain and .... Lead wire lengths up to 600 metres from the sensor cause virtually no capacitive errors in measurement…