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  • Digital Multimeter Smart Tweezers FAQ
    is better then 1%. 3. Can Smart Tweezers be used on a PCB?. Yes, if you know the circuit and understand how it works. It can also be used for voltage measurements in a working circuit to debug it. By measuring a voltage drop on a resistor (resistance value can be also measured using Smart Tweezers
  • High- Precision Data Acquisition Boards - Why You Should Buy, Not Design
    or digital closed-loop. control. See Figure 2 for a diagram of the. Multiplexer. aliasing process. +10VDC. The signal conditioning circuit is where. all the high-precision work is done to. determine how wel the DAS can process. signals. These circuits must be thought out. Figure 1
  • Fundamentals of Data Acquisition
    (control) based on the data they receive. Turning on or off lights, motors, valves, heaters, and fans are common functions of control. Sending out voltage, current, digital words, pulses, and waveforms are also forms of control from the DAC system. DAC software running in the computer coordinates
  • Maximizing DMM Productivity in Wireless Device Quality Testing
    �� Maximizing DMM Productivity in Wireless Device Quality Testing. By Dale Cigoy. Keithley Instruments, Inc. Figure 1. Keithley Model 2015 Deck. Digital multimeters seem common, but specialized versions perform tests you might not imagine, thereby. improving productivity and lowering costs
  • Cost Effective Testing with a BRIC Matrix
    digital multimeters (DMM), digital input and output. sources and perhaps some simple sources and measuring equipment to check for path continuity. To reduce the test system size and cost the system can be implemented in a PXI chassis. Using the simple approach to testing a multiplexer would be included
  • Auto-calibration of the PIC12F6XX Internal RC Oscillator to ± 1%
    Generator. • HPE3620A Power Supply. This application note describes a technique used to. • Digital multimeter with frequency counter. calibrate the internal oscillator on the PIC12F6XX. devices. This technique allows the internal oscillator to. Definitions. be calibrated within ± 1%. See the test
  • Source-Measure Units Increase Productivity and Accuracy
    , measure I. The system can also be configured as a current source and parallel voltmeter. Traditionally, a combination of bench top instruments, such as voltage or current. sources and digital multimeters or picoammeters, have been used for material. testing and component characterization. A common
  • RTD Instrumentation Requirements
    meters,. digital multimeters (DMMs), source-measurement units (SMUs), miniaturized. network instruments and data acquisition systems. A dedicated temperature. meter is suitable when only temperature measurements are needed in a test. setup and there are a limited number of RTDs involved. The same