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  • Combining the Best of Analog and Digital Indication
    and a 4-digit display, and connecting it to analog. and digital circuit boards.*. LED. Bargraph. The idea of offering both types of displays was well received. However, the first units. Meter. produced were offered in sizes other than what was typically used in the industry. The panel. had
  • Digital Speed Breathes Life Into Analog I/O
    Controller, and Can Be Deployed in More Locations and Applications. I/O Systems | Digital Speed Breathes Life Into Analog I/O | Control Design. Log In Register. Search Tips. Home. Topics. Control Platforms. Programmable Controllers. Control Software. Network Strategies. Computer Numeric Control. Embedded
  • Selecting the Right Display for White Goods Applications
    digital wrist- watches to microwave oven timers. The LCD image appears blue or black, on top of a grayish-white background. Four-digit numeric 7-segment devices are the most commonly used LCD display. Custom options are easily available. Passive Matrix Displays (PMLCDs): These displays are available in 5
  • Medical Device Link . In Living Color: Medical Display Technologies
    . Basic Display Types There are two fundamentally different types of displays: analog devices, such as CRTs, and digital devices, such as liquid crystal displays (LCDs), which are used in notebook computers and miniature televisions. Of course, digital devices are preferred for displaying images
  • Touch Screen Selection Guide
    man-machine interface for machine and process control, touch screens are becoming increasingly popular as the input device of choice There are several reasons for this increased popularity. Using touch screens, pop-up alpha and numeric keypads replace fixed, expensive industrial keyboards. Since video
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Ultrasonic welding systems for thermoplastics use fully digital signal processing to maintain consistent performance independent of component aging or temperature fluctuations. Unlike previous analog systems, the Dynamic-series welders from use computer numeric control to produce repeatable welds
  • Hardware Techniques for PICmicro Microcontrollers
    . Additional. Note: software is required to drive this display. If the display. Pins A - G are Digital I/O. is illuminating more than one LED at a time, then. significant amounts of software time can be consumed. One method of driving two displays is to use two seven-. multiplexing the LEDs to appear
  • Medical Device Link .
    with the user. To support these options, configurable displays and the availability of a numeric keypad are generally essential. Other factors that can contribute to a design requirement for a flexible and configurable display include the needs to offer multiple language character sets, to configure