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Lake City, UT 84119. Return to the MPMN home page Four-color printer A digital, four-color thermal-transfer label printer can print on both sides of labels simultaneously; it can also cut and stack them for easy access. The QuickLabel-4 requires no printing plates, inks, toners, or hot-stamp dies...

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  • Sell DATA SPECIALIST PLUS (2009 NEW) Mileage Correction
    This is a PC -based multi-function programmer for digital odometers ,airbag modules,car radios,car immobilizers,USB 2.0 interface .
  • New products
    ...integrated, low-cost global positioning system (GPS) receiver designed for mobile and vehicular PC /104 embedded com... ...NMEA 0183 and TAIP ASCII pro- tocols, as well as binary TSIP GPS data formats, the board integrates an eight-channel Trimble Lassen LP GPS module, two TTL serial ports, 16 digital I/O, external battery back- up, odometer input, and clock input. It interfaces with the host through a standard 16C550 compatible universal asynchronous receiver transmitter to provide a...
  • Trident - Rugged in-vehicle SBC platform with integrated GPS and Bluetooth (15/07/2009 12:58:02)
    Capable of withstanding the rigors of modern transportation applications this segment board is ideal for use in demanding environments such as car PCs , fleet management, digital tachograph, odometer and security applications., HD audio and a range of display technologies including an LCD panel interface , TV-out and...
  • Federal Register > Wednesday, February 26, 2014 > [79 FR 10765] Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) 247-Erie, Pennsylvania; Notification of Proposed Production Activity, ...
    ...puller clamp plates; credit card acceptors; automated fare collection systems; laptop computers; toughbooks; tablets; embedded controllers; desktop computers; network servers; processor servers; CPU embedded programmable servers; embedded box PCs ; LCD monitors-keyboard enclosures... ...disks; encryption keys; network interface connectors; rocketport interface units... ...pulse generators; meteorological psychrometers; air flow indicators; drill fixtures; vinyl stencils; carbide scribers; digital micrometers; inside micrometers... digital odometers ; speedometers; speed sensors; speed indicators; engine speed sensors; wheel sensors; tachometer sensors; diesel sensors; locomotive...
  • Vision Based Systemsfor UAV Applications
    ...sends it to the computer as an analogue signal, frame-grabber is capturing digital images from that... due to the fact that the robot has internal local positioning system based on his odometers . It consists of hardware radio module and software for PC that provides output interface .
  • CZECH REPUBLIC �? SA�?13 upgrade offered
    The original SA�?13/Strela system lacked digital links to the anti�?aircraft command, control and communication (C{3}) centres. The new data channel consists of a special communications interface and VHF radio to receive information from... It also receives heading information via a gyro compass with an odometer providing distance information. The rugged PC �?based CCT is used for real�?time threat warning and initialisation of the missile or...
  • AVL & AVM for fleets management activities in public, private and law enforcement scenario
    Generally devices are provided of GPS/EGNOS receiver, gyroscope, odometer and reverse motion sensors to compute Dead Reckoning... All the devices present an elevate number of digital and analogic I/O, one or more CAN bus... More complex modules, ALS 508 and derivates, are provided of On Board PC based on Geode processor... The offered technologies present elevate capabilities of interoperability due to standardized interfaces of large consume (Serial lines...
  • A distributed framework for real-time in-vehicle applications
    ...our contribution is the design of a distributed real-time architecture DBITE (Driver Behavior Interface Test Equipment). It permits the accurate positioning in real-time of a car on a digital cartography GIS (Geographical... In our application, GPS and Odometer sensors are nec- essary for the vehicle localization. The odometer module acquires through a PC -card the speed and the distance flowed by each wheel.
  • Multi-function Intelligent Instrument of Vehicle Detection Based on Embedded System used alone, it is necessary to use a device which has both digital display and pan... Therefore, increasing motor’s driving interface is necessary to drive analog pointer. Only in this way, the three levels distributed control: instrument level, PC control level and supervisory level... 2) Checking-up speed meter and odometer .
  • Development of inspection gauge system for gas pipeline
    A main processing unit--embedded PC with LINUX operation system A digital tape recording system above 12 giga- byte capacity Several PIG tracking systems (Receiver Mo- dule) on landmark positions Interface electronics, Landmark (position) Odometer (speed) Bias .
  • Kinematic surveying system for automatic GIS-data acquisition
    ...compensating errors additional sensors are installed, namely 2 inclination meter (HL-Planar), 1 odometer (Datron LS) and... The readout of all measured values (max. 60 Kbytes/s) is done via a high speed RS232 interface (2 x 460 KBaud) to the PC . Therefore a full digital transmission from the camera CCD's to the storage media has been implemented.
  • A Comparison of the Rolling Weight Deflectometer with the Falling Weight Deflectometer
    The odometer functions to command the computer to signal all the sensors to record data on 275... ...sensors, the infrared pavement temperature sensor and vertical accelerometer transfers data onto a digital RS-485 serial... After the data are captured, the PC host requests the data from each sensor. It also has an operator interface that allows viewing of real-time deflection data.
  • The Essential PIC18® Microcontroller
    ...are several hundred microcontrollers hidden in every home—in do- mestic appliances, entertainment units, PCs , communication devices, smart... As an example, consider the electronics of a car odome- ter monitoring system displaying total distance since manufacture and also a trip odometer. total), Fig. 3.8 shows the display data fed via a single digital line, shunted serially... • Seven static digital input lines to interface to the gear ratio, mi/km option and trip reset.
  • Automated Instrument Panel Cluster Testing using Hardware in the Loop Simulators
    ...developed in Simulink on the processor boards. dSPACE software ControlDesk is used to develop customized user interfaces . ...level, various telltales, LCD screen for displaying messages to the driver such as odometer , tire pressures, faults... Camera with image processing Digital Signal Processor (DSP) The camera is a Cognex Insight 5603 CCD camera. ...advantage of choosing a camera with built in image processor as opposed to PC based image processing...
  • Sell Mercedes Benz Carsoft 7.4
    MB 7.4 Interface Unit Serial RS232 (COM) cable to PC ...View live streaming data from engine sensors and O2/lambda Sensors in graph or digital form Easy to... • Sell DigiMaster II,Diga Master, Odometer Correction,auto diagnostic tools .

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