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  • Bladder pressure monitoring during intermittent catheterization: A comparison of gauges and methods
    A digital hand-held bladder pressure gauge appears to be a convenient, inexpensive , and accurate device for obtaining frequent serial bladder pressures.
  • Danfoss digital display unit simplifies assembly and maintenance of booster pump systems
    By replacing the existing traditional gauges with Danfoss MBD 1000 plug-in digital display units and MBS 3000 pressure transmitters, Cal Hydro has reduced assembly and test time, and made its systems easier to operate and maintain. Ordinary dial-type pressure gauges are relatively inexpensive , but lack accuracy and repeatability of measurement from one �
  • Carbon resistor gauges for measuring shock and detonation pressures. I. Principles of functioning and calibration
    �Tliepresent effort was also concerned with implementation of computer-controlled digital data acquisition systems to record the � Some scatter was observed in the conductivity change of the wall-mounted gauges , and this was postulated � From the above effort and data, the following conclu- sions OF] the use of� ccrrhon resistor pressure gauges to measure shock and detonation pressures can bc drawn: (1) The method providcs a relativcly inexpensive means to estimate shock and detonation pressures, provided �
  • A Precision Pressure Tranducer with FM Output in UHF Band
    The best strain gage pressure transducers commercially available at this timeare limited to an accuracy of 0.1 per cent and require asignificant amount signal conditioning to achieve a digital output. � FM output from a transducer can be very easilyconverted to a digitaloutput using simple inexpensive counting circuits.
  • Foundations of Vacuum Science and Technology
    Accuracy ot Commercial Gauges Circuits attached to the pressure sensing cell process the capacitance information and give analog or digital output. Inexpensive single-port heads with sealed vacuum reference are available with full-scale ranges from 133 Pa �
  • History of Shock Waves, Explosions and Impact
    The difficult task of constructing appropriate pressure gauges that are inexpensive , small-sized and have high tem- poral resolution ? rise times in the low nanosecond regime are required in shock wave physics and rise times of as little as picoseconds are � � oscilloscopes {WOOD ?1923}, and today those analog oscilloscopes have been replaced by either digital oscillo- scopes or �
  • Modern Surgical Care: Physiologic Foundations and Clinical Applications
    � size can be measured by displacement of air or mercury in a strain gauge or emission of � In general, devices with ultra- sound are most commonly used because instruments are inexpensive and simple to use, and the Doppler-derived pressure measurements have been thoroughly evaluated and have been noted to be as accurate as plethysmographic measurements. Digital volume changes are then amplified and can be recorded.
  • Manual annual final examination
    � pressurized pharma, in: FAZ 20.11.06, No. 270 C., S. 11 Knop: Digital price war (On � 57, S. 13 Knop, C. / K�hn, R.: "I don't believe that interests will already increase 2010" � � 23.2.09, No. 45 B., S. 9 Koch: To "be in advance cheap providers a step" �
  • Debris-flow Hazards and Related Phenomena
    Some sensing instruments are well known such as rain gauges , however, newer tech- nologies such as meteorological � Geophones for geophysical exploration have proven to be rugged, inexpensive sensors for detection of debris �ows for � Products mass-produced for consumer markets such as automotive pressure sensors or digital telemetry equipment are readily available and surprisingly a?ordable.
  • Economy of the book industry
    Alternatively, the digital book can then be printed either in very appropriate mold at a cheap provider or for example with Leder binder in personalized form by a Premiumanbieter. Would be it to believe naively that copy protection systems this will prevent - the experience of the � With the standard software packages, the pressure images on the domestic PC can be constructed (for this �