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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
SI4840-A10-GU Digi-Key Silicon Laboratories Inc RF/IF and RFID IC AM/FM RX FOR DIGITAL RADIOS
SAF7730HV/N231,557 Digi-Key NXP Semiconductors Integrated Circuits (ICs) IC HD RADIO PROCESSOR 144HLQFP
SAA7706H/N210,518 Digi-Key NXP Semiconductors Integrated Circuits (ICs) IC CAR RADIO DSP 80-QFP
SAA7709H/N110S/S42 Digi-Key NXP Semiconductors Integrated Circuits (ICs) IC DSP CAR RADIO 80QFP
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  • Designing Wheel-Tuned, Digital-Display Radios with Next-Generation Radio ICs
    As a growing number of portable applications such as mobile phones and portable media players integrate the FM radio function, there's a misconception that traditional radios are no longer needed. In reality, wheel-tuned radios have remained immensely popular. This article will discuss how
  • Introduction to Digital and Vector Modulation (.pdf)
    . The correction of data bits also allows a digital radio to operate. more satisfactorily in the presence of interfering signals from. other transmitters. Consequently digital radios generally do not. have to exhibit as good an adjacent channel rejection as their ana-. log counterparts and closer
  • Digital Signal Processing Using MATLAB and Wavelets
    . Search Thousands of Catalogs for Digital Signal Processing. audio monitoring. Use mufin audioid to monitor radio and TV broadcast stations. Vibration Test Equipment. Dynamic Signal Analyzers, Shakers, and Vibration Controllers.
  • USB FM Radio
    using the serial peripheral interface (SPI). The Si4701 audio outputs are sampled using the C8051F321's analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and sent to the host across the USB interface. The Windows application plays the audio using the PC speakers or headphones. AN264. USB FM
  • MRF24J40 Radio Driver
    ) MCUs & dsPIC (R) DSCs. 32-bit PIC (R) MCUs. Amplifiers & Linear. Operational Amplifiers. Instrumentation Amplifiers. Comparators. PGA & SGA. Automotive (SMSC) Data Converters. Analog -to -Digital Converters. DAC & Digital Potentiometers. Energy Measurement. Power/Current Sensors (SMSC). Development Tools
  • Receiver Testing with the Anritsu MS2830A Signal Analyzer, MG3710A Vector Signal Generator, and S412E LMR Master
    level. New spectrum allocations push public safety radios up in frequency near 3G and 4G transmissions. Digital radios such as those that utilize the APCO Project 25 (aka P25) standard react to interference differently from analog radios. Receiver Testing with the Anritsu MS2830A Signal Analyzer
  • Converting User-Defined IQ Data Files For Use With The IFR 3410 Series Digital RF Signal Generator (.pdf)
    , 3G, WLAN and. PMR digital radio signals. is a WindowsΤΜ based software tool that enables a user. to create a modulation scheme from which an ARB waveform can. be generated. Waveforms can be created that conform to the. TDMA, CDMA and WLAN standards regarding timing, spectral. distribution
  • Digital Insights: Video Killed the Radio Star
    By Michele Vaccarello, Managing Editor, Digital Media I secretly love how online multimedia is taking over the world. I loved watching video footage of the controversial Barack and Michelle Obama fist bump played over and over on every major news website. I loved watching spoofs show up on YouTube
  • Application note for Analog Devices Analog-to-Digital Converter Model AD9640 (.pdf)
    and is optimized for use in diversity radio systems, smart antennas, multimode digital receivers, and software radio systems. Microsoft Word - AD9640AppNote_RevB.doc 0404 Balun App. Note. ADC Balun Application note. (ANN-9002) Rev B Page 1 of 21. Using Multilayer Baluns to Improve ADC Performance

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