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    Digitizer Tablets - (25 companies)
    Digitizer tablets or graphics tablets are pressure-sensitive data input devices that allow users to select and draw images with a special pen called a stylus or a mouse-like device called a puck. Pucks feature a series of buttons and a lens...
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  • Tablet Computers-Image
    Tablet Computers - (188 companies)
    Tablet computers are notebook computers with a liquid crystal display (LCD) on which the user can write using a special-purpose pen, or stylus. Tablet computers, also known simply as tablets, are notebook-sized mobile computers - equipped...
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  • Handheld and Portable Computers-Image
    Handheld and Portable Computers - (416 companies)
    There are three basic types of handheld and portable computers. Tablet personal computers (PCs) are notebook computers that feature a liquid crystal display (LCD) on which users can write with a special pen called a stylus. Tablet PCs digitize...
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  • Data Acquisition-Image
    Data Acquisition - (2139 companies)
    Data acquisition is the digitizing and processing of multiple sensor or signal inputs for the purpose of monitoring, analyzing and/or controlling systems and processes. Signal conditioning includes the amplification, filtering, converting, and other...
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  • Scanning Software-Image
    Scanning Software - (324 companies)
    Scanning Software Information. Scanning software is used with optical and document scanners or with other imaging equipment to digitize, create, edit and evaluate images. Document scanners are devices that scan two-dimensional (2D) objects...
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    Linear Encoders - (270 companies)
    Linear encoders sense and digitize linear position change for positional measurement and feedback to control systems. Travel, encoder resolution, encoder accuracy, and lines or counts per distance are the most important performance specifications...
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    Data Acquisition Systems and Instruments - (588 companies)
    Data acquisition systems and instruments collect, digitize, and process multiple sensor or signal inputs for the purpose of monitoring, analyzing and/or controlling systems and processes. Data acquisition systems and instruments are either...
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    Tableting Presses - (97 companies)
    Tableting presses are used for uniaxial pressing of powdered materials into shaped tablets or compacts - usually at high speeds. Tableting Presses Information. Tableting presses are used for uniaxial pressing powdered materials into shaped tablets...
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    Notebook and Laptop Computers - (539 companies)
    ...fulfill other roles as well. HP netbook with pencil for scale. Tablet PCs feature a touchscreen display and retain full functionality without a keyboard, though one may be docked, linked, or hinged to the display. These are also called 2-in-1 laptops...
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    Computers - (1906 companies)
    ...transistors, and circuits which facilitate processing of software code. Depending on the machine's form factor, these components have the capability of appearing radically different. For example, a touchscreen tablet computer's input and output...
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...level meter, but with the addition of a sampler to digitize the measured levels and record them to memory. These recording sound level meters are basically analog instruments that have the capability to record levels digitally over time. Most present-day sound level meters are based on a digital...

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  • Study for HFEF data-acquisition and process-control system
    Graphics tablet (chart digitizer 208 V ac. power distributor system 110 V ac .
  • New Products
    Monochromatic Hi-Scan Graphics 4210 ter- minals are available from authorized dis- tributors for $2195 each. … tilt-and-swivel 15-inch monochrome monitor, a 12x 17-inch CAD/D digitizing tablet , and a low … The 12 x 17-inch digitizer includes menus ap- propriate for mechanical, electronic/electrical, and other CAD/D applications …
  • Tablet Display Industry Tracker - December 2014
    Phablet first 8.9" windows tablet resolution upgrade from T100 Refresh With digitizer … makers’ shipments results, researched through a wide range of questionnaires and interviews with panel vendors and distributors .
  • Touchstone Semiconductor Develop New High-Performance Analog Integrated Circuit Solutions
    Applications include process control and factory automation, data and low-frequency signal acquisition, portable data logging, pen digitizers and tablet computers, medical instrumentation and battery-powered instruments. … TSM1285 is in stock and ready to ship from Digi-Key, an authorized distributor of Touchstone Semiconductor …
  • Tablet Display Industry Tracker - February 2015
    … ready may create another milestone to tablet, as it may eventually turn the tablet usage into paper … Digitizer … makers’ shipments results, researched through a wide range of questionnaires and interviews with panel vendors and distributors .
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  • PDF - Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (GT-N8000)
    Total Retailer / Distributor Overhead + Margin Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (GT-N8000) Wi-Fi 16GB Tablet … Module - 10.1" Diagonal, 1280 x 800 Pixel (WXGA) 16:10, LED Backlight, w/ Integrated Touch Digitizer .
  • New Products
    The entire system consists of a Compaq portable computer, a high-resolution Revolution color card, a 13-inch RGB monitor, digitizer tablet with stylus, and video-frame grabber with camera and stand. Arcad, distributor of the Architectural Interactive Design System, or AIDS, has announced that it has expanded its …
  • RTC-1000 - 10.2” IP65 Rugged Tablet PC for Harsh Applications
    … IMPULSE, has released the new RTC-1000 to enrich the existing AAEON Rugged Tablet Computer (RTC) series … … x 600) sunlight readable 450nit LCD display with integrated optically bonded vandal-proof touchscreen and optional digitizer . IMPULSE are a leading UK distributor and integrator of industrial computing products including single board computers, touchscreen …
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