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    molding. Polyurethanes ' unique chemistry gives them this versatility. They are segmented polymers, meaning they have a soft segment that provides flexibility and a hard segment that provides strength. Polyurethanes are made from three basic building blocks: the backbone, the diisocyanate, and the chain
  • Medical Device Link . The Interaction of Plasma Proteins and Platelets with a Homologous Series of Polyurethanes
    JAMES M. LAMBERT AND KEVIN G. TINGEY olyurethanes of similar bulk composition-- all using the same diisocyanate, chain extender, and soft-segment type--were synthesized in microparticle form. This homologous series of polyurethanes, which varied in morphology and surface structure, was prepared
  • Foam-friendly fridges
    Ever more stringent standards for energy efficiency force designers to plan carefully for the foam-insulation process. When a cabinet is filling with polyurethane foam, many physical and chemical reactions happen at once. Polymer formation reactions take place. The reaction of diisocyanate
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    . They are often used for continuously flexing, chronic implants such as ventricular-assist devices, intraaortic balloons, and artificial heart components. The two most important diisocyanates used in biomedical TPUs are aromatic diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI) and its hydrogenated analog (HMDI
  • Where foam fits in medical design
    polyurethane foam -- the most common type of foam -- is the product of petro-chemistry and resins. More precisely, it's made of toluene diisocyanate, polyol and water. These ingredients are mixed, poured onto a linear conveyor, then left to "rise " and cure. Additives are blended in for specific
  • Medical Device Link . Simulation and Modeling for Medical Plastics Design
    . Aromatic di-isocyanates are often used to impart a rigidity to the material. Elastomeric polyurethanes can be either thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) or cast polyurethanes (CPUs). Except for differences in preparation, these can have similar properties. In both cases, they are formed from difunctional
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    communications department at Bayer Corp. "The viscoelastic performance the length of time it takes the foam to return to its moulded shape can be adjusted to a manufacturer's needs. It is based on MDI [diphenylmethane diisocyanate ] chemistry," he says. Tailored to manufacturers who are experienced
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    diisocyanate) plant and an $80 million expansion to increase the firm's polycarbonate capacity. The increase in polycarbonate will include both lipid-resistant and non-lipid-resistant grades, and will improve U.S. manufacturers' access to the materials. Recent investments at the Baytown site include $500

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