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  • What is a Dilution Fitting?
    A typical dilution fitting is a plumbing device that is attached to a gas detection instrument sample inlet port, and then the sample hose is attached to the dilution fitting. When used, the sample flow going into the instrument passes through the dilution fitting. The dilution fitting has 2 small
  • ISE- Dilution (.pdf)
    General information regarding dilutions. Required Information: * What concentration is the stock solution?. * What is the volume of the required standards?. * What is the volume of the volumetric flask being used for the dilution?. * What are the volumes of the Class A pipettes?
  • Dilution of High Active Surfacants
    economies in transport and storage costs. They are also more resistant to microbiological attack and contain fewer impurities. Dilution is best carried out using a high shear In-Line mixer.A Silverson In-Line mixer can be used as illustrated in figure 1 below. Water is charged into the vessel
  • Guide to Measuring Fuel Dilution in Lubricating Oil
    Fuel dilution in oil can cause serious engine damage. High levels of fuel (>2%) in a lubricant can result in decreased viscosity, oil degradation, loss of dispersancy, and loss of oxidation stability. Fuel dilution is one of the most important lubricant failure modes in internal combustion engines.
  • Accurate Fuel Dilution in the Field Using the Q6000 FDM: A Comparison to Gas Chromatography
    The most widely accepted direct method for analyzing fuel dilution in lubricants is Gas. Chromatography (GC) according to ASTM methods D3524, D3525, and more recently, D7593.1-3 Other conventional measurement techniques for fuel dilution are indirect measurements which include viscosity, flash
  • Managing Wastewater Treatment Odors: Mitigating Odors Through Exhaust Dilution
    technology has not received as much recognition as the others. This article discusses that technology - exhaust dilution - and explains how it controls odors through the use of roof-mounted mixed-flow impellers.
  • Cell Cloning Via Limiting Dilution
    There are few people who haven't experienced the feeling of loneliness if for example they have to spend time alone in a strange hotel room in an unknown city. This is exactly how Susi Pensa and Adi Herence feel during cloning. "Just imagine", says Susi to Adi, "in cloning, a single cell is placed
  • Dilution Flow Panels for Combustible Gas Monitoring
    As the name implies, catalytic combustible sensors detect combustible gas presence using a catalytic bead or coil, producing. an electronic signal that is proportional to the gas concentration. This sensor type requires that combustion take place for the. signal to be generated, necessitating the
  • Dilution for Odor Control: Mixing Exhaust Stream With Fresh Air May be Enough to Eliminate an Odor Problem
    In the past, communities have been tolerant about the odors associated with chemical process industries (CPI) activities. An odor from a plant or oil refinery was referred to as "the smell of money," and it was accepted because of jobs and other economic benefits. And, communities accepted the
    The focus of this paper is to provide details on how the Fuel Sniffer operates and how its method of operation compares to GC-MS (Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry) and Flash Point methods. Finally, this paper presents two. cases studies, one for the United States. Air Force (USAF) that
  • The Preparation of Calibration Standards for Volatile Organic Compounds - A Question of Traceability (.pdf)
    Methods are compared for preparing calibration standards for volatile organic compound analysis. Traceability is compared for static and dynamic methods such as direct mechanical dilution, diffusion and permeation tube extraction, exponential dilution, and electrochemical extraction
  • Eastman Tritan copolyester: The perfect balance of properties for the Polar Pitcher
    The Polar Pitcher is a 60-ounce, clear plastic pitcher with a built-in metal cooling cylinder to keep beverages chilled in a sanitary manner without dilution or contamination.
  • EPA Final Rule: 40 CFR Part 51, Appendix M - Test Method 205
    The purpose of this rule is to add a test method which would be used to verify the performance and accuracy of gas dilution systems during a field test. The test method is entitled, "Verification of Gas Dilution Systems for Field Instrument Calibrations," and will be added to 40 CFR part 51
  • Medical Device Link .
    for real-time PCR photodetection at the completion of each cycle. Along with increased speed, real-time quantitation PCR reduces the threat of contamination, as the entire test takes place in a sealed tube. In addition, the Taqman system can amplify over a seven-to eight-log dynamic range without dilution

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