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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
DIMMER FOR LIGHTING NE 20 National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
ST7537DIMMER National Microchip ST Not Provided Not Provided
P20F3PI PLC Radwell Prescolite Lighting, Lighting Accessories DIMMER SLIDE 18A 120V 4-40W FLOURLAMPS 2GANG IVORY
KL27510011 PLC Radwell Beckhoff Not Provided 1-CHANNEL UNIVERSAL DIMMER TERMINAL, 230 V AC, 300
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  • PICDIM Lamp Dimmer for the PIC12C508
    devices like timers and discrete components economically. This reference note describes an application where the use of a microcontroller was not previously economically feasible for any but the highest end products: lamp dimming. dimldBook. M. PICREF-4. PICDIM Lamp Dimmer for the PIC12C508
  • Electronic Timers and Dimmers
  • Dimming AC Incandescent Lamps Using A PIC10F200
    One of the earliest circuits in home electronics is the venerable incandescent AC lamp dimmer. It is also one of the most challenging circuits to get right. In this technical brief we will examine how using a microcontroller can both simplify the circuit and make it efficient. Early dimmers were
  • High Efficiency - Low Cost LED Dimming
    can be thought of as having two separate. voltage to the circuit is at the minimum conduction angle. portions. There is a LED management portion and there is. Also some dimmers require 20 mA of loading current so. a dimmer management and PWM Signal portion. the NSI50010 can be replaced
  • ENERGY STAR (R) Compliant - Low Cost LED Dimming
    voltage to the circuit is at the dimmer’s. management portion provides loading current for the. minimum conduction angle. TRIAC in a dimmer and provides a gate voltage to the. Also, some dimmers may require more than 10 mA of. series-pass MOSFET. The gate drive of the series MOSFET. loading current
  • Radio Frequency Interference in Hospitals
    telephone systems, light dimmers, fax machines, floor buffers, elevators, elevator controls, nearby cellular base stations, broadcast transmitters, and ultrasound systems all contribute to the harsh RF environment in hospitals. This may not be a lot worse than many businesses, but lives are at stake so
  • Fiber Laser Marking of Plastic: Polycarbonate
    them between commodity plastics and engineering plastics. Products such as drinking bottles, baby bottles, mugs, bowls, wall sockets or dimmers, iMac shells or iPod cases, medical syringes or medical tubes are made out of polycarbonate. Such a plastic is extensively used in a wide range of products
  • Solid State Design Considerations
    capacity dimmers, welders etc.) that feed distortion back into the line unless steps can be, or have been taken to isolate and filter that distortion. Rotary units can be designed to handle such loads (and, in fact, are often used to isolate such loads from others in the same plant) - be sure to specify

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