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RE46C190 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided The RE46C190 is a low voltage, low current programmable photoelectric smoke detector IC. This circuit will provide all the required features for a photoelectric smoke detector with minimal external components. Programmable setup, calibration and feature selection are the key to reduced component...

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  • Mixer and Detector Diodes
    Most people who use diodes are more familiar with junction. devices than with the surface barrier diodes commonly used in. mixer and detector circuits. In a junction diode the rectifying. junction is formed between a p-type region and an n-type region. of a semiconductor. In a surface barrier diode
  • Detector Risetime vs. RF Performance (.pdf)
    , for an. Equivalent Circuit of Krytar Detectors. Figure 1: Equivalent Circuit for Krytar Detectors. Video Impedance is partially controlled by the type detector diode used to manufacture the detector. For example, the Planar Doped Detector Video Impedance is typically between 0.8 to 3.0 K ohms. The. Zero Biased
  • Schottky Diodes
    Schottky diodes have been. used for several decades. as the key elements in frequency. mixer and RF power. detector circuits. In 1938 Walter. Schottky, the son of German. mathematician Friedrich. Schottky, explained the manner. in which a junction comprised. of specific combinations of metals
  • - Circuits
    is applied on the wrong way the circuit and/or the optoisolator might be damaged (the led in optoisolator is rated only for 3V reverse voltage). To protect the circuits agains reverse polarity inputl voltage� put a diode in the series with the positive input lead: +Vin _______|\|____ to circuit
  • Using the ESD Parasitic Diodes on Mixed Signal Microcontrollers
    Microchip application note, AN521, provides a number of guidelines for implementing low-cost, zero cross circuits by relying upon the parasitic ESD diodes in the I/O pins. These guidelines have been used successfully for many years, but, with the increase in analog functionality on the MCUs
  • Krytar Microwave Detectors 10 MHz to 40 GHz Testing and Term Definition (.pdf)
    AnD TERM DEfInITIOn. Krytar manufactures microwave detectors using zero bias silicon schottky diodes and planar doped. detector diodes. Testing and Term definition for performance of the two types are identical. OPERATInG fREQUEnCY. Krytar tests operation performance of detectors using an Automatic
  • Thermistors in Single Supply Temperature Sensing Circuits
    . shown in Figure 2. This type of time response is rela-. in comparison to the RTD. element which is usually in. tively fast as compared to diodes or silicon based tem-. the hundreds of ohms range. Typically, the 25°C rating. perature sensors. The diode and silicon based sensors. for thermistors
  • Impedance Matching Techniques for Mixers and Detectors - App Note (.pdf)
    the equivalent circuit for the diode must include several real and imaginary elements. A methodical technique for matching such complex loads to a transmission line will be described. Previous references [3] to similar procedures were empirical in nature. No tables are used, but it is necessary

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