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  • Technical Reference: What is the meaning of Vf as it Relates to a Diode or Rectifier?
    Vf is the forward voltage drop of a semiconductor. It consists of two components; an intrinsic offset voltage...
  • Solid-state RF switches
    signal. Multithrow switches can be constructed by connecting multiple diodes to a common junction and forward biasing only those in the conducting paths. An alternative connection scheme puts the PIN diode across the input line in parallel with the load. Here forward bias makes the diode conduct and thus
  • Common Power Supply Topologies
    The three basic topologies used in switching power supplies are buck, also known as forward, boost and buck-boost, also known as Flyback. All three topologies use the same three elements, transistor, inductor and diode but they are arranged in different manners. The essential difference between
  • 100,000-Hour LEDs? Just Not True
    still look like a diode at 100,000 hours, " says Goodman. "It might put out little useful light but it would have the same forward and reverse voltages, and so on. He published that information without qualifying what the 100,000-hr lifetime meant. He was right, but the question is whether the diode
  • Using a Best Battery Selector for Highly Reliable Engine Starting Applications
    A properly engineered Best Battery Selector ("BBS") consists of two large diodes, specialized heat sinks, voltage surge protection and high current terminals assembled and mounted in a metal housing. Each diode allows starter motor cranking current to flow in the forward direction, but blocks
  • LED s Shine On
    by transients and surges. An LED is essentially a P-N junction diode built to emit light when forward biased. A major cause of electrical opens in an LED is thermomechanical stress on the wire bonds. Another cause of LED failure is electrostatic-discharge (ESD) events or surges induced by nearby lightning
  • Switching power supply design rules
    . In a simplified diagram showing a single-ended forward converter, for example, the energy transfers from source to load during the "on " time of a single solid-state switch cycle.The circuit shown is quasi-resonant because the energy stored in capacitor Cr does not return to the inductor Lr as is done
  • System Supervisors in ICSP TM Architectures
    -connected, as power-down, and brown-out conditions. In order to shown in Figure 1. When the voltage applied to the out- serve a wide customer base, semiconductor manufac- put of the supervisor exceeds the power supply for the turers should also address system supervisors chip, the PMOS transistor acts like a forward

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