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  • Description: 30-3600 is a two component liquid epoxy system designed as a conformal dip coating on foil, metalized film, ceramic, mica and tantalum capacitors.

    • Material Form: Coating, Polymer (Plastic / Elastomer)
    • Features: Electronics / Semiconductors
    • Chemistry: Epoxy, Resin Base / Polymer Binder
    • Technology: Multicomponent, Thermoset

  • Supplier: Glenro Inc.

    Description: Proven Solutions® Dip Coat & Dry Conformal Coatings on PCBs Dip Coat & Dry Liquid Photo Resist on Metal Flats Specialty Coating Applications Proven Performance For Use with Thermally Curable Coatings Only Single Operator Extended Flow-Time Promotes Coating Uniformity Extended

    • Type: Outfit / Complete System
    • System Option / Component: Conveyor / Part Loader, Dip Tank / Pan, Pump / Compressor, Specialty / Other
    • Materials of Construction: Steel / Aluminum
    • Automation / Control: Automatic

  • Supplier: SWD, Inc.

    Description: Doerken Delta Coatings Systems Yuken Coating Systems Xylan Moly Disulfate

    • Coating Process: Black Oxide, Chemical Finish / Conversion, Dip / Immersion Coating, Dry Lubricant Coating, Phosphate Coating, Thin Film Coating
    • Functional / Performance: Chemical Resistant, Corrosion / Rust Preventive, Friction Reducing / Low Friction, Wear / Erosion Resistant
    • Materials: Aluminum, Iron / Cast Iron, Metal, Stainless Steel, Steel / Steel Alloys, Specialty / Other
    • Finishing / Surface Treatment: Passivation, Pickling / Chemical Deburring

  • Description: free of porosity and voids. The Master Bond EP101M system has excellent electrical insulation characteristics. It can be readily processed by a variety of methods including casting, impregnation, dip coatings and laminating. When used to pot sikia sand, the cured resin features excellent thermal

    • Chemistry: Epoxy, Resin Base / Polymer Binder
    • Technology: Thermoset
    • Form: Other
    • Features: Protective

  • Description: Rubber Dip is formulated to use directly out of the container and directly into airless spray equipment without thinning the product. Same quality features and benefits and easy to use. Multi-purpose air dry, synthetic rubber coating that can be easily applied as a spray, brush, or dip coating

  • Description: Intended for use in projects requiring warranty coverage in coastal environment. This coating system utilizes a thick film primer application, which allows the coating system to be used in the harshest coastal environments. Flurothane Coastal coatings are a premium fluropolymer (PVDF) system

    • Type: Coating
    • Surface Location / Orientation: Exterior, Wall, Roof
    • Chemistry: Fluoropolymers (PTFE, FEP, MFA, etc.), Resin Base / Polymer Binder
    • Features: Weather / UV Resistant

  • Description: washers. Trimac's customers benefit from this systems design approach, integrating each piece of equipment together to ensure a quality finished part. Our process starts with analyzing our customer's specific challenges and then designing a new, replacement or retrofitted application. Our solution

    • Finishing Technology / Process: Dip / Immersion, Electrostatic, Fluidized Bed, Powder Coating, Spray / Atomization (Wet)
    • Options / Components: Booths / Rooms, Control Consoles / Systems, Curing Systems - Infrared / Oven, Dryers / Dry-Off Ovens, Pretreatment / Washing Systems, Process Water System (Deionized / RO)
    • Coatings Applied: Adhesives / Sealants, Conversion, Decorative Coating, Sugar / Food, Functional / Protective, Glaze / Inorganic, Hot Melt, Lacquer, Metallic Paint, Paint / Organic Liquid, Polymer Film / Resin Powder, Stain / Dye / Ink, Varnish, Solvent Base, Water Base
    • Products & Materials Coated: Automotive Body, Composites / Prepregs, Containers / Packaging, Electronic / Electrical Components, Extrusions / Stock Forms, Glass, Metal - Aluminum, Metal - Steel, Metal - Other, Paper / Paperboard, Pharmaceutical / Food, Plastic, Porcelain / Ceramic, Textiles / Fabrics, Wood

  • Description: Imagine software and special solutionis developed by a visionary company with a true understanding of the metal finishing business; programs that have been designed to optimize the management of key business functions such as chemical management, facility efficiency and cost analysis - as well as

    • Finishing Technology / Process: Dip / Immersion, Plating / Electroplating, Powder Coating, Spray / Atomization (Wet)
    • Options / Components: Control Consoles / Systems, Dryers / Dry-Off Ovens, Dust Collectors / Air Filtration Systems, Pretreatment / Washing Systems, Pumps / Pressure Generators, Waste Water Treatment
    • Coatings Applied: Adhesives / Sealants, Anodizing, Conversion, Decorative Coating, Glaze / Inorganic, Metal / Metallization
    • Products & Materials Coated: Automotive Body, Electronic / Electrical Components, Extrusions / Stock Forms, Metal - Aluminum, Metal - Other

  • Description: At Aerospace Defense Coatings, we take your business seriously. With over 50 years in the metal finishing industry, we have the expertise you can depend on. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality metal finishing, testing, and painting available, at a competitive price. To serve

    • Coating Process: Black Oxide, Chemical Finish / Conversion, Dip / Immersion Coating, Dry Lubricant Coating, Painting, Phosphate Coating, Plating / Electroplating, Rubber Coating, Other
    • Functional / Performance: Abrasion Resistant, Chemical Resistant, Corrosion / Rust Preventive, Friction Reducing / Low Friction, Protective, Wear / Erosion Resistant
    • Materials: Aluminum, Copper / Copper Alloys, Iron / Cast Iron, Metal, Stainless Steel, Steel / Steel Alloys
    • Finishing / Surface Treatment: Abrasive / Blasting, Passivation, Pickling / Chemical Deburring

  • Description: Master Bond UV16 is a new one component, high strength, low viscosity, UV curable epoxy resin based polymer system for bonding, sealing, & coating with exceptionally high performance properties. It is a 100% reactive and does not contain any solvents or other volatiles. When exposed to a source

    • Material Form: Coating, Dielectric Coating (Encapsulant, Conformal, etc.), Gap Filling Sealant / Gasket, Polymer (Plastic / Elastomer), Potting Compound, Varnish / Impregnating Resin
    • Features: Electronics / Semiconductors, Electrical Power / HV
    • Substrate / Material Compatibility: Ceramic / Glass, Metal, Paper / Paperboard, Plastic, Porous Surfaces, Rubber / Elastomer, Wood / Wood Product, Other
    • Dissimilar Substrates: Yes

  • Description: of application of the coating, the design of the article and the specific environment to which the article is exposed. The hot dip galvanized article can be further protected by application of additional coatings (outside the scope of ISO 14713-2:2009), such as organic coatings (paints or powder coatings

  • Supplier: Pavco, Inc.

    Description: Ameridrab JG - is a two component single dip process. This system is formulated specifically for use over zinc deposits to give a heavy non-iridescent gray-green Olive Drab conversion coating. The finish also provides an excellent base for paint or similar coatings.

    • Type: Clear Coat / Top Coat
    • Chemistry: Conversion Coating
    • Substrate / Surface: Other
    • Technology: Film Drying / Air Setting, Multicomponent

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  • Dip Coating and Immersion Coating
    primarily for thin plastisol coatings, does not require pre-heating before dipping; however, fusion still takes place in a heated chamber. The plastisol viscosity and other factors determine the thickness of the cold dip coating.
  • Fluidized Bed Dip Coatings
    Advantages and Disadvantages of Fluidized Bed Dipping
  • Electrophoretic Coating (E-coat)
    E-coat, electrocoat, or electrophoretic coating processes use charged particles to attract paint or coating particles or molecules in an immersion bath to the surface of a submerged part. E-coating is a dip coating process in which the coating or paint solids suspended in the bath are given
  • The importance of using conversion coatings
    with water and used as a dip or spray. application at 140°F to 150°F. Processing time is 60 to 90 seconds (see Table 3), followed by a rinsing. and drying of the processed parts. Drag out is the major source of loss, and its cost is similar to that of. chrome-type systems, without the expense
  • Medical Device Link .
    More than 50 stent manufacturers are using an ultrasonic coating system from Sono-Tek (Milton, NY; ). Users of the Medi Coat equipment report holding coat consistency within 3% and transfer efficiencies of 30% to 70%. With older spray processes or dip coating, variations range from 5 to 7%
  • Applying Thin Film Coatings Used in Medical Devices (.pdf)
    . and into the bloodstream. The final coating surface has to be smooth and continuous over all. areas. Figure 1 illustrates the complex shape of the stent and the polymer drug coating on the. surface of the stent. Spray Coating Technology. Simple dip coating has not been successfully used for stent
  • 3M Novec TM Electronic Coating EGC-1700 (.pdf)
    Energy of Dry Film. 11-12 dynes/cm. Volume Resistivity @ 30% RH 25°C. 4.6 x 1012. 40V DC (ohm-cm). Dielectric Constant @ 30% RH,. 3.1. 25°C @1 kHz. Coating Thickness (dip coated). ~1 micron. Dissipation Factor @ 30% RH,. 0.0089. 25°C @ 1 kHz. Dielectric Strength @ 35% RH, 25°C. 1.0 kV/25.4 microns
  • Coatings and Clamp Load
    . Generally, electroplated finishes with minimum salt spray hours are fine for non-critical areas and areas not subjected to cut extremes. Many of the new dip/spin organics offer high hours to corrosion failure but fill up threads and cause gauging problems. Their thickly deposited coatings interfere

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