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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
600DD-S Global Industrial Kushlan Products, Llc Not Provided Kushlan Products 600dd-S Unassembled Direct Drive Cement Mixer W/ Stand
350DDS Global Industrial Kushlan Products, Llc Not Provided Kushlan Products 350dds Unassembled Direct Drive Cement Mixer W/ Stand
600DD Global Industrial Kushlan Products, Llc Not Provided Kushlan Products 600dd Unassembled Direct Drive Cement Mixer

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  • Regular Weekly Maintenance on Mixers
    into four categories that need to be checked for proper grease being used, inspected for leaks or breaks, checked to make sure all grease points are lubricated and the auto-lubing reservoirs are at the proper levels. Regular Weekly Maintenance on Mixers / Mixer Direct Blog. Mixers. Lg. Mixers 100-50,000
  • Rotor Stator Mixer Design Shifts Into High Gear
    to that of an X-Series High Shear Mixer. The combination of high flow and high shear is an important improvement over previous rotor/stator designs, because gains in throughput can produce direct gains in overall production, operating efficiency, and bottom-line profitability. Even for those who
  • Rolling Vibrators Deliver Good Vibrations to Rotary Drum Mixers
    , rotates the. for particle mixing, accurate distribu-. drum assembly at the required rpm. vibrators. tive mixing, and liquid addition to. The mixer can have a spray system to. powders or granules. The mixers,. direct liquid ingredients onto the ma-. deliver good which are virtually self-cleaning, pro
  • How to Specify the Right Multi-Agitator Mixer for Your Application
    on the. interior surface of the vessel. The polished triangular section of the anchor helps to direct flow toward the batch interior. Squared sections are much less efficient, and they often worsen cleaning problems between. batches. The basic anchor agitator generally features three horizontal arms
  • AC and DC Variable Speed Drives: Application Solutions
    Knowing what controller/motor package to use in a given situation is just one of the subjects covered in this overview of AC and DC drive application considerations. Published originally as a direct mail piece for distribution use, it has been updated with additional information on drive selection
  • How to Buy a Blender
    ; the blender to reach the greatest possible efficiency for each product. When blending friable materials, in particular, the variable drive allows you to blend at a speed just below the threshold at which the material will start to degrade. Direct drive vs. belt drive - Today a direct drive is usually
  • Pharmaceutical / Nutraceutical Processing Applications: Tablet Press Lubrication
    The K-Tron Tablet Press Lubricant Feeder is an adaptation of K-Tron's sanitary pharmaceutical design twin screw feeder and features the addition of a specialized gas venturi for aspiration of the lubricant direct to the tablet press. Lubricants (such as magnesium stearate) are used in tablet press
  • A Quest for Clean Mixing
    are available with either a flush bottom ball valve or a cove cut plug for direct. filling into cartridges or syringes. Other adapters can be custom-made for you. CONCLUSION. While ‘clean mixing’ can be its own reward, you are likely gain a whole lot more if you

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