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  • 1998 networking MVPs
    co-MVPs. Cisco's John Strassner and Microsoft's Steven Judd are co-chairs of the Directory Enabled Network (DEN)

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  • Directory-Enabled Networking Design Reference
    Directory Enabled Networking Design Philosophy----------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Directory Services In A Nutshell--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 Technical Reviewers ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Editorial Reviewers------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Directory Enabled Networking Executive Summary Reference URL ------------------------------------------- 4 Directory Enabled Networking Technical Summary Reference URL ------------------------------------------- 4 .
  • Directory Enabled Policy Based Networking
    X.500 Distributed Directory Standard -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 27 X.500 Specification Protocols------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 29 X.500 Specification Security ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 30 Lightweight Directory Access Protocol------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 31 The Distributed Management Task Force ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 32 The Common Information Model Specification--------------------------------------------------------------------- 32 The Directory Enabled Networks Specification--------------------------------------------------------------------- 34 The Policy Framework...
  • Policy based network management : state of the industry and desired functionality for the enterprise network: security policy / testing technology evaluation.
    The Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) directory enabled networks (DEN)3 initiative is designed to provide the building blocks for more intelligent management by mapping concepts from CIM (such as systems, services and policies) to a directory, and integrating this information with...
  • A directory�?hosted network management information model: A CIM/DEN implementation
    Currently, two complementary and converging efforts are under way—the Common Information Model (CIM) and the directory enabled networks (DEN) initiatives, now both under the auspices of the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF).
  • Directory-enabled network management framework for battlefield networks
    Note that the schema and framework are currently being studied under Directory Enabled Network (DEN)/Desktop Management Task Force (DMTF).
  • Distributed evaluation of network directory queries
    Such queries are useful for emerging applications like the Directory Enabled Networks initiative.
  • Active Technologies for Network and Service Management
    To promote interoperability between various management applications, SNMPv3 informational model is described according to the Directory Enabled Network (DEN) specification [3].
  • A Technology Foundation for Policy Based Networking with an Emphasis on Enterprise Cyber Security
    Understanding Policy-Based Networking, David Kosiur, John Wiley and Sons, 2001, ISBN 0-471-38804-1, p.59 Directory Enabled Networks , John Strassner, Macmillan Technical Publishing, 1999, ISBN 1-57870-140-6 Cisco Systems Internetworking Technologies Handbook, Chapter 52, Directory-Enabled Networking...
  • Applied Ontology Engineering in Cloud Services, Networks and Management Systems
    Directory enabled networks DEN-ng .
  • Server Cache Synchronization Protocol (SCSP): component for directory-enabled networks
    Server Cache Synchronization Protocol (SCSP): component for directory enabled networks .
  • Developing a generic network planning interface
    Directory Enabled Network Integration .
  • Networking policy agents: mobile, intelligent, trusted and XML-based
    One such policy framework is jointly defined, as an evolving industry standard, by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Working Groups (Policy Framework [PF] and Resource Allocation Protocol [RAP]) and the Directory Enabled Networks (DEN) Industry Group.
  • Transforming Enterprise Cloud Services
    In this section, we will describe in detail the policy management section of SID and its origin: the Directory Enabled Networks (DEN)-Next Generation (ng) policy model.
  • Policy�?based management for IP networks
    API—application programming interface AS—autonomous system BGP—border gateway protocol CIM—Common Information Model CLI—command line interface COPS—common open policy service DEN— directory enabled networks DHCP—dynamic host configuration protocol DIAMETER—extension of RADIUS DMTF—Distributed Management Task Force DNS—domain name system IETF—Internet Engineering Task Force IP—Internet protocol...
  • Dynamic virtual private networks
    D-VPN technology marries IP bandwidth man- agement, VPNs, and directory enabled networking to provide an integrated platform from which sub- scriber self-provisioning is possible.