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  • Pneumatic Conveying Systems
    , materials are exposed to air and dirt, waste is a constant worry, and particulates that endanger expensive equipment can slow or jam it. With constant economic pressures and attention focused on the bottom line, it's mandatory that plant professionals seek alternatives and improvements
  • Scale deposit problems
    . It is an unwanted occurrence that causes a number of operational problems such as plugging of equipment, inefficient usage of chemicals, increased utility costs, lost production due to downtime, corrosion, and downgraded products from increased dirt counts. This report reviews major scale deposition problems
  • Energy Savings Thru More Effective Filtration: Major Department Store Chain Uses LAKOS To Save Money (.pdf)
    LAKOS. To Save Money. Application: Chilled Water Systemjs & Cooling Towers. Solids: Dirt, Grit, and Other Suspended Solids. Liquid: Cooling Tower Water. Background: A Colorado state energy utility sponsored a study to determine the amount of energy. savings that would result from the use of different
  • Hospital Discovers Cure for Chronically Dirty Cooling Towers (.pdf)
    floor of the plant,. and are fully exposed to dirt blowing from the north and south. Although the hospital had a side stream sand filter installed on the. t come close to providing the solids. condenser water loop, it didn’. filtration that the system required. It also took up a lot of floor. ge
  • 15 Rules on Condensation
    parts of this drain are always in contact with the condensation. This liquid will be contaminated by dirt, rust, pipe scale and oil from the carryover on lubricated compressors. This mixture will cause the float mechanism to malfunction. The float will jam either in the open or closed position. You
  • The Pitfalls of Process TOC Analysis and How To Avoid Them (.pdf)
    , inaccurate data. “FAIL-SAFE” design with alarm in. (NDIR). Following Components: event of malfunction of any critical. 1. Mechanical Choppers (if used). component or sample effect. 2. Infrared Sources. (corrosion/dirt). 3. Infrared Detectors. 4. Corrosion/dirt buildup on optical. surfaces. RANGES
  • BMPs: The Key to Stormwater Permitting
    discharge of pollutants into receiving waters. Before BMPs can be established, sources of contamination must be found. Some common sources and locations are: Raw material inventory stored in an open, uncovered yard. Leaks and spills from machinery or containers. Loose dirt from recent construction
  • Vacuum and Pressure Handbook: Pressure Accessories and Systems
    the compressor. The amount of dirt, moisture,. or corrosive gases in the inlet air will dictate the type of filtering or purification equipment. required. For proper service, the filter element must be cleaned or replaced periodically. Fre-. quency depends on ambient conditions. A dirty filter

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