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  • Coating of Brake Disc
    Safety is of course a top priority for carmakers. Which is why they coat brake discs to prevent corrosion. Coating with Geomet-one of the world's leading coating products-ensures top-level protection, especially in salty atmospheres. But as we'll see, post-coating induction drying and curing
  • Theater Winch, The royal opera
    type SKP 95-27 spring applied hydraulically released disc brakes installed. On the 4 ton (8,820 lb) winch two brakes operate on a 610 mm (24 in) diameter brake disc and on the 5 ton (11,025 lb) winch three brakes operate on a 680 mm (26.8 in) diameter brake disc. Brake torque is respectively 16 and 28
  • Measure Disc Thickness Variation (DTV) on brake discs
    Measuring the deformation of brake discs under load while braking is an ideal task for the optoNCDT 1700BL. Due to the short wavelength of the blue-violet laser used, the light emitted from the red-hot brake does not dazzle the sensor, as the 600-nm wavelength is a long way off the 405-nm
  • The Basics of Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes
    the years EM came to stand for electromagnetic, referring to the way the units actuate, but their basic operation has not changed. Electromagnetic clutches and brakes come in many forms, including tooth, multiple disc, hysteresis, and magnetic particle. However, the most widely used version
  • Holding loads with power-off brakes
    brake, you 'll need to account for the inertia of the brake rotor, friction disc, and hub. So a general rule of thumb is to add 25% to the load inertia to estimate the brake rotor inertia. The equation that estimates the average dynamic torque needed to dynamically stop the load in an interval
  • Dellner Brake Coupling, Ovako Steel
    the motor introduced the risk of loosing the alignment between the motor, coupling and gearbox and was time consuming. When using the Dellner Brakes coupling, the brake disc can be changed without moving the motor or the brake and the exchange now takes less than two hours.
  • Case Study: Mountain bike specialist Hope Technology
    Founded some 24 years ago by two. Rolls Royce aerospace engineers, Hope. pioneered disc brakes for mountain. bikes. Today, in addition to their. world-renowned disc brakes, the. company also manufacture drive train. parts, hubs and lights as well as riding. gears...
  • AHTS Tug Ship, Maersk
    Shaft brakes are used to stop and hold the propeller shafts in case of an emergency. Each propeller shaft is equipped with two Dellner Brakes type SKD 4x100 pressure applied caliper disc brakes operating on a 1500 mm (59 in) diameter disc. The brakes are supplied with hydraulic pressure from

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