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Parts by Number for Discharge Lamp Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
LU200 PLC Radwell Sylvania Lighting, Incandescent Bulb LAMP HIGH INTENSITY DISCHARGE 200 W BASE: E39
MVR175U PLC Radwell General Electric Lighting, Incandescent Bulb HIGH INTENSITY DISCHARGE HID LAMP METAL HALIDE
LU50 PLC Radwell Sylvania Lighting, Incandescent Bulb LAMP HIGH INTENSITY DISCHARGE 50 W BASE E39
LU15055 PLC Radwell General Electric Lighting, HID-Halide/Sodium/Mercury Vap LAMP HIGH INTENSITY DISCHARGE 150WATT
CG2800L PLC Radwell Littelfuse Not Provided DISCHARGE LAMP

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  • Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (CCFLs)
    is essential for selection of the best CCFL and inverter for a given application. Being a mercury vapor discharge light source CCFLs can present design challenges, especially when low temperature operation is a design criteria. Aspects of temperature performance of the CCFL are examined
  • Understanding Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (CCFL'S)
    influences electrical dynamics. An overview of the lamp's physics and construction in relation to gas discharge and phosphor stimulation helps in an understanding of the lamp's ignition and the ionized gas arc. A royer oscillator typically drives CCFL's with a sinusoidal waveform with a nominal frequency
  • Solar LED Lamp Application Using the CAT4139
    applications like solar lamps, layout area. Scheduled cycling is not required to prolong the battery’s life. is an important factor. The goal is to supply constant current to. In addition, the self−discharge is less than half compared to. LED string independent on Li−Ion battery voltage, that varies. nickel
  • Electromagnetic compatibility of lighting equipment
    The EU decision to finally. abolish incandescent lamps by. 2012, the progress in the. luminescent power of light. emitting diodes (LED) and the. further development of. low-pressure and high-pressure. discharge lamps are all leading. to a sharp increase of electronic. modules in lighting technology
  • Pulsed UV Light For Heat Sensitive Continuous Motion Applications (.pdf)
    is fully charged, the trigger. circuit is fired initiating the ionization of the xenon gas within the lamp. The electrical. resistance of the lamp drops as the xenon gas ionizes. The drop in resistance within the. lamp allows the capacitor to discharge through the lamp creating an intense flash
  • AN0012 Electronic Lighting Ballasts
    All fluorescent lamps require a ballast to provide the electrical power to preheat the lamp electrodes, strike the lamp, provide the running power and control the discharge current. This can be achieved by either electromagnetic or high frequency electronic ballasts. With the introduction of new
  • Visible LEDs Application Notes
    The features of LED lamps become clear by comparison with tungsten filament incandescent lamps and discharge tubes in their light emitting mechanisms and structures.
  • Design for Compliance - Get Through the Certification Process in the Least Amount of Time and for Minimal Cost
    935. Fluorescent - Lamp Ballasts Product Categories. UL 2108. Low Voltage Lighting Systems. UL 1104. Marine Navigation Lights. UL 2161. (Cold Cathode) Neon Transformers and Power Supplies. UL 1029. High-Intensity-Discharge Lamp Ballasts Product. UL 2388. Flexible Lighting Products. Categories. UL 1088
  • Medical Device Link .
    for quality control, item identification, and other applications, the labels are certified by the Electrostatic Discharge Association to effectively dissipate electrostatic energy and not damage the boards they identify. According to R &D manager Gene Hofer, ESD "can change the electrical
  • Medical Device Link .
    such as corona discharge, flame and plasma treatment can be used to increase the wettability and reactivity of. (Manufacturing) The Use Of Adhesives For Catheter Bonding (MDT archive, Jan/Feb 08). Skip to : [Content] [Navigation]. Medical Device Link. The Online Information Source for the Medical Device

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