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  • Medical Packaging Inc.- Multidose Drug Dispenser
    The MDD is a device that connects to a medical packaging machine and automatically loads the carousel. The device is universal with regards to pill size and shape. The user loads the pills into the MDD and the device sorts and loads.
  • That's a Wrap
    A handle and frame for a portable stretch-film dispenser from Tyco Plastics, Minneapolis, must have impressed judges at the Society of Plastics Industry conference. Film dispenser gets top honors in plastics design competition. A handle and frame for a portable stretch-film dispenser from
  • A New Way to Handle Changing Fluid Viscosity and the "Full-to-empty" Effect
    This paper explains how the Ultimus( TM) V High Precision Dispenser and Optimeter (TM) maintain consistent shot size in time-pressure dispensing processes as the fluid viscosity and volume of fluid remaining in the syringe change.
  • Medical Device Link .
    An adhesive dispenser quickly, precisely, and repeatably applies UV adhesive on PVC, ABS, and other polymers used for medical products. Adhesive can be dispensed on the internal or external surfaces of medical tubing or components by means of custom bushings. The dispenser ensures minimal
  • Medical Device Link .
    All of the families of electronic tape and label dispensers that a specialist company manufactures are presented in a 2007 product catalogue that includes 25 new offer ings. The full-line catalogue features products in TheTapeDispenser and TheLabelDispenser families. Among the dispensers described
  • Medical Device Link .
    Equipment News: Fillers and Dispensers Dispenser and Filler Suppliers Seek to Reduce Waste and Increase Efficiency Accuracy and repeatability are primary concerns for device OEMs sourcing dispensers and fillers. When one of these machines is integrated into an assembly line, it must consistently
  • Adhesive Dispensing Units Manufactured by Johnstone Dispensing Systems
    on the other side. The material is conditioned to a constant temperature, within a tenth of a degree, in order to maintain a constant viscosity. Desired flow is achieved using a variable pressure and specific orifice size. On an automotive enclosure, for example a hood, the dispenser robot moves across
  • Medical Device Link .
    A dispenser that has a centered and balanced drive provides accuracy and stability within its entire 14-in.-wide travel. Each axis features preloaded ball slides and leadscrews for machine tool -like performance. The open bottom and removable pallet system means no mechanics or electronics
  • Hydrogen Fueling Gains Mobility | Did Wastewater Cause Columbia 's Disintegration? | Fuel Cell Technologies Signs Contract | April 2003 FCT |
    A R O U N D T H E I N D U S T R Y Sumisho Air Water Co. has developed a mobile hydrogen refueling station to supply fuel cell powered vehicles, reports The Nikkei Weekly. The truck-mounted system is equipped with a high pressure hydrogen dispenser and an ultrahigh-pressure hydrogen storage tank
  • Medical Device Link .
    Fluid-dispensing workstation enhances assembly process control A dispenser of adhesives and other fluids that are used in catheter assembly has been engineered to maximize yields, contain costs, and provide good process control. Available from EFD International Inc. (Dunstable, Beds, UK