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Parts by Number for Dispensing Nozzle Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
A101497 Global Industrial Finish Thompson Inc Not Provided Polypropylene/Ss Dispensing Nozzle For Finish Thompson Pf And Tt Pumps
95183 PLC Radwell Ingersoll Rand Not Provided ACCESSORIES, FLUID DISPENSING NOZZLES

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  • Adhesive Dispensing Units Manufactured by Johnstone Dispensing Systems
    Johnstone Dispensing Systems have a challenging application for their mastic regulator unit, which dispenses adhesives and sealers for the purpose of bonding and sealing various automobile body panels. The traditional regulator unit is coupled to a flow meter on one side and a dispensing gun
  • Medical Device Link . Dispensing systems for miniaturized diagnostics The requirements of miniaturized assays and other advanced diagnostics pose technical challenges for the development of reagent dispensing systems.
    and Dispensing In many applications, the reagent to be dispensed is available only in small volumes, and it is desirable to aspirate it from a holding format such as a microwell plate for subsequent dispensing. This can be accomplished by using the syringe as a pump and immersing the dispenser nozzle
  • UV Sensor Developed for Control of Adhesive Dispensing
    EMX Industries Inc., a manufacturer of sensors for industrial automation, announced the UVX-300G, the first UV (ultraviolet light) luminescence sensor designed for improved control of glue and adhesive dispensing. EMX Industries Inc. announced the UVX-300G, the first UV (ultraviolet light
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Adjusting the cam rotation speed allows the amount of adhesive to be regulated. A foot or finger switch on the dispensing nozzle is then used to control when the adhesive is applied. Another control prevents unwanted adhesive from dripping from the nozzle. Using this equipment provides easy control
  • Medical Device Link .
    dispensing machine delivers consistent, voidfree fills by combining bottom-up filling with a low-clearance nozzle and adjustable cartridge/material counterbalance system. Initially designed to handle medium- to heavy-viscosity materials, the dispenser also accepts materials of low viscosity. Tridak, 1120
  • Medical Device Link .
    Solvent dispensers are designed to bond polyvinyl chloride and ABS components used in medical devices. Three standard configurations are available with one, two, or four dispensing bushes. The user simply inserts the tubing or component into the appropriate bush and it is instantaneously ready
  • Medical Device Link .
    , NJ 07932. A series of dispensing valves is suitable for dispensing very difficult, high-viscosity, and stringy materials that have short pot lives. The 340-series valves can dispense thin, low-viscosity materials where positive displacement is required. Features of the valves include an adjustable
  • Medical Device Link .
    Fluid-dispensing workstation enhances assembly process control A dispenser of adhesives and other fluids that are used in catheter assembly has been engineered to maximize yields, contain costs, and provide good process control. Available from EFD International Inc. (Dunstable, Beds, UK
  • Medical Device Link .
    timers to control a high-duty-rate solenoid valve. The dispensing cycle time, between 0.01 and 31 seconds, is operator adjustable. A configurable barrel suck-back feature prevents low-viscosity fluids from dripping. Each dispenser comes equipped with hardware, fittings, hoses, a foot switch, a barrel
  • Medical Device Link .
    is recommended. For high-volume production, semiautomated or automated pump dispensers should be employed. Component parts of the adhesive are mixed during the dispensing process by forcing them through a static mixing nozzle. When a new nozzle is fitted, or at the beginning of a new production run, a 50 75-mm

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