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  • Disposable Speculum
    together. Applications. Case Studies: Functional Packaging. Case Studies: Medical. Case Studies: Automotive. Case Studies: E &E. Case Studies: Industrial. Composite Material. Cable Protection Systems. Case Studies: Medical. Disposable Speculum. Quadrant CMS’ role in the production of a new disposable
  • Aqueous and organic GPC of food
    Many analysts conversant with gel permeation chromatography (GPC) will be familiar with its use in the analysis of food packaging. However, GPC also has wide applicability in characterizing various food ingredients. These include the anti-caking agents and flow improvers that increase manufacturing
  • From Lubricants to Packaging Materials: ARS Scientists Just Say "No " to Petroleum
    Ave., Beltsville, MD 20705-5129; phone (301) 504-1662, fax (301) 504-1486. Wrapping Up With Dairy-Derived Ingredients. Speaking of saying "no " to petroleum-based products, many food manufacturers want to incorporate renewable materials into their operations to help reduce food-packaging waste. Most
  • Water activity in the food industry
    and a. The main solutions to avoid. In the food industry, there are. dried out cheese. water migration in this case, is. two main cases where water. One solution would be to add. to use a non-hygroscopic. migration could cause issues: humectants (sugar, salt, poly-. packaging or favourable stor-. Storage
  • Polylactic Acid (Polylactide, PLA) Molecular Weight Determination with the BI-MwA (.pdf)
    Polylactic acid, (polylactide, PLA) polymers are being used in a wide range of biomedical, com-mercial, pharmaceutical and academic applica-tions due to their biocompatibility and biodegra-dability. Applications include stents, sutures and a wide range of uses in food packaging and dis-posable
  • Medical Device Link .
    and varied, the technique for sealing them is essentially the same. Medical bags are typically processed via radio-frequency sealing. The RF sealing process is similar to microwave heating of food, and indeed may have stimulated the development. Radio-Frequency Sealing for Medical Disposable Products
  • Medical Device Link .
    it reprocesses. These data must be of sufficient quality and quantity for FDA to find that the device is safe and effective in reuse, or that it is substantially equivalent to another legally marketed device, such as the original disposable device. Any reprocessed device unable to meet this standard
  • Medical Device Link .
    noninteractive, mobile and "technical " drug delivery devices (complete administration systems in addition to the drug) that have permanent access to the vascular system. This type of system must be a wearable device and therefore size and comfort must be taken into consideration. A disposable

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