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  • Factors to Consider When Selecting a Stereo Microscope

    Stereo microscopes are often nicknamed the workhorse of the lab or the production department. Users spend many hours behind the ocular inspecting, observing, documenting or dissecting samples. Which factors need to be considered when selecting a stereo microscope?

Product Announcements for Dissecting Microscope Diagrams
Leica Microsystems, Inc.
Light Microscopes

Light microscopes from Leica Microsystems meet the highest demands whatever the application - from routine laboratory work to the research of multi-dimensional dynamic processes in living cells. Perfect application. Leica Microsystems products are developed with the user in mind. That means our light microscopes know what matters most: superlative image quality, ergonomic handling, fast results and cost efficiency. More systematic performance. System solutions consisting of application-oriented...

Cole-Parmer Compound Microscopes

Cole-Parmer Compound Microscopes with Built-In Digital Cameras. Reap the benefits of digital photography and excellent microscopy technology. Use the microscope by itself or plug it into your computer and you ’re ready to capture, label, measure, store, or e-mail digital images of your specimens. You don ’t need to buy a separate microscope, camera, cables and software —this package comes complete and ready to use. All models include easy-to-use Windows  software. You can...

Titan Tool Supply, Inc.
High-Magnification Measuring Microscopes

Titan Tool Supply  Inc. TM Series high-magnification measuring and metallurgical microscopes. Featuring ultra-fine focus adjustment for the Z axis, the TM microscopes are ideal for measuring strain in lead frames for the semiconductor industry, height of bonded portion of wires, height of solder on printed circuit boards, water bump height, projection of head on VTR drum measurement steps, height steps on PC boards, scoring of metal cans, depth of engraving on plastic molds, and other fine...