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  • Improved Method for CO2 Measurements
    makes the drink more. refreshing through its stimulation. of the mouth's mucous mem-. branes adding a sensation that the. soft drink is colder than it actually. is. CO2 also brings out the aroma. since the bubbles drag with them. Figure 1: Dissolved gases found in a typical can of beer and carbonated
  • Wastewater Neutralization Process Using the Sievers InnovOx TOC Analyzer
    a new generation of. gas. 15. Oxidation (SCWO). electrochemical cel s that use. so. s l. o id. Organic + S. O. -. 2. + h. eat + pressure. Boron-Doped Diamond (BDD) to. 2 8. p. r. e. s. s. u. r. e (psi). p. r. e. s. s. u. r. e. normal. -2. break down dissolved organic and. boiling. 375oC. → CO2 + H2O
  • Ultra-Pure Water TOC Monitoring for Cogen Applications (.pdf)
    Gases. Iodine. Organic Acids. Hypochlorous Acids. Halogenated Organics. Nitrite Ions. Sulfide Ions. Other Ions with Dissolved Gas Phases. ADVANTAGES OF ALTERNATE NON-DISPERSIVE-INFRARED DETECTION. (NDIR). NDIR detection of the CO2 gases formed in the oxidation process has no. interferences
  • Reliability of TOC Results In Ultra-Pure Water Analysis (.pdf)
    of the sample before and after it. is oxidized, attributing this differential measurement to the TOC of the sample. During the. sample oxidization phase, CO2 (directly related to the TOC in the sample) and other gases. are formed. The dissolved CO2 forms a weak acid, thereby changing the conductivity
  • The Pitfalls of Process TOC Analysis and How To Avoid Them (.pdf)
    will suffice. minimizing cost of ownership. Figure 1 illustrates the “TOCDIRECT” method. It. indicates the physical effect of flowing a sparge. carrier gas through the INORGANIC CARBON. BASIC TOC ANALYSIS. SPARGER to strip out the dissolved CO2, created. by the acidification process to remove
  • Optimized deaeration
    to the process. Dissolved CO2 constitutes a major problem in paper manufacturing. This is the reason why we talk about gas contents and not air contents. As reflected in the equations below, calcium carbonate starts to decompose at pH´s around 8. Coming closer to pH 7, the equilibrium moves towards hydrogen
  • Medical Device Link . Increasing antibody production with hollow-fiber bioreactors
    Plus analyzer (YSI Inc.; Yellow Springs, Ohio). A blood gas analyzer (Ciba Corning Diagnostics Corp.; Medfield, MA) was employed to measure dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide levels as well as pH. The Dialysis Effect of Serum Proteins in Hollow Fibers. To determine the dialysis effect of proteins

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