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    of dissolved H2S is to test the headspace above the liquid. If the temperature and accumulation time are well controlled, then the concentration of H2S in the headspace will be proportional to the concentration of H2S dissolved in the sample. Brewers have sophisticated sensors in their fermentation
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    in the sensor and sample (see Figure 2). Prior to contact between the sample and the sensor layers, the whole blood sample contains red blood cells (RBCs) at a given hematocrit level, plasma, and, dissolved in the plasma, oxygen (bound to hemoglobin inside the RBCs and equilibrated
  • Medical Device Link . Artificial antibodies
    multiple noncovalent binding interactions including hydrogen bonds, ionic bonds, and van der Waals forces. This theory led to the hypothesis by Pauling and Campbell that artificial antibodies could be assembled using these basic principles. Although Pauling's theory of antibody formation was later
  • Medical Device Link . Electrochemical biosensors for affinity assays
    of biotinylated-HRP (B-HRP), avidin (X), and biotin (*) concentrations to currents in a PVI-Os "wire" and avidin-modified electrode. When B-HRP binds with avidin in the HRP-wiring hydrogel (A), a current flows. The current is inhibited if (B) the B-HRP binds to dissolved rather than surface avidin or (C
  • Bucking the Industry Trend - Simple Change to Water System Saves New Jersey Manufacturer $23,000 Annually"
    of Carbon Dioxide in Water: Carbon dioxide, CO2, is a gas that dissolves in water. The form or “species” in. which the dissolved carbon dioxide exists is a function of the hydrogen ion. concentration or pH of the water. The forms of dissolved carbon dioxide present. in water are as fol ows and all forms
  • Introduction to Oxidation Reduction Potential Measurement (.pdf)
    upon introduction of a new. species or when the concentration of an existing species changes. ORP values are used much like pH values to determine water quality. Just as pH values indicate a system’s relative state for receiving or donating. hydrogen ions, ORP values characterize a system’s relative
  • Applications of physical models for control
    and Sulphide ( hydrogen Sulphide) for kraft pulp or Sulphite for Sulphite pulp. To this we also have to add residence time in the cook zone. In simple terms the Sulphide primarily breaks the bond between fibres and lignin, while hydroxide extracts the lignin into water. If there is too little hydroxide
  • CCS 120 Chlorination/De-Chlorination in Activated Sludge
    chlorination systems in. When either sulfur dioxide or sulfite salts are. Chlorination System is to disinfect the. these plants start with, chlorine dosing into. dissolved in water, aqueous sulfur. treated effluent from the Activated Sludge. the treated effluent upstream of the Chlorine. compounds

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