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  • Magnetostrictive Position Transducers in Medical Applications
    to the moving part which is to be measured. As the position magnet moves along the length of the sensing probe, the distance between the position magnet and the electronics head is constantly reported. Readings typically take place at a rate of approximately 1,000 to 4,000 times per second. The position
  • Pressure Transducer Usage Wind Turbines for Alternative Energy Generation in Energy and Power Generation
    As today's society looks for forms of alternative energy and ways to distance ourselves from fossil fuels, wind power has emerged as a major player in the alternative energy market. Wind turbines function by converting the kinetic energy of wind into mechanical energy to rotate the wind turbine
  • Understanding Ultrasonics
    in the shape of a cone, are reflected from a target back to the transducer. An output signal is produced to perform some kind of indicating or control function. A minimum distance from the sensor is required to provide a time delay so that the "echoes" can be interpreted.
  • Case Study: Crack Detection in Con-rod Bolts
    . This transducer has a 0.125"2 X/Y active area. The maximum transducer/flange distance on a side is 0.050". Typical per bolt response time is <50ms.
  • Case Study: Surface Defect Analysis of Copper Tubing
    frequency versus distance this data was recorded on the ARIS lab unit.
  • How Does a Sonicator Work? (.pdf)
    is amplified and transmitted down the length of the horn/probe where the tip longitudinally expands and contracts. The distance the tip travels is dependent on the amplitude selected by the user through the amplitude control knob.
  • Hybrid Ultra-High Precision Positioning Actuators
    . The short-distance actuators take on a role analogous to the transducers used in active vibration cancellation systems.
  • Delay Time Measurement with Ultrasonic Sensors
    are however somewhat more precise then the ones described in our physics experiment mentioned in the introduction. Only an exact time base allows precise distance measurements, constant resolutions in the range of tenth of millimeters, as well as exact repeatable switch-points. All the same
  • Unified Optical Scanning Technology - Preface
    , smoke signals? That is, amplitude modulation of scattered light from controlled groups of particulate aerosol, which disperse as they rise, as observed from a distance. This is a form of serial information transfer. The two principal forms of optical information transfer are identified as serial
  • Case Study: Extrusion Weld Detection in Aluminum Rod
    Extrusion weld detection: A .565 in. I.D. N:5 Resonance mode transducer was utilized to generate a subsurface ultrasonic resonance in a .440 in. OD aluminum rod. The frequency response is plotted against the lineal distance logged by a rotary encoder connected to the ARIS unit. The acoustic energy

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  • Sensor technique
    whereat d = distance transducer -reflector, L = distance of the transducer centers.
  • Transducers and Arrays for Underwater Sound
    The combined interactions from distant transducers might be comparable to the interactions from nearest neighbor transducers in a large plane array, while it might be negligible in a curved array.
  • Regular path queries under approximate semantics
    As a first example we note the pure edit distance transducer , which simulates the classical application of the three edit op- erations insertion, deletion, and substitution.