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  • Expert JavaScript
    In practical use, the term most often describes handmade art, design or DIY hobby projects that use sensors and micro controllers to translate analog input to a software system, and/or control electro-mechanical devices such as motors, servos , lighting or other hardware …
  • CR4 - Thread: Need some advice on microcontrollers
    … programs up to 2000 lines of machine code (a LOT for most little DIY things) before you … With 2000 lines (combined with some bad programming practices) I've made a 8 channel servo controller , GPS interface, motor controller...
  • Social Robots from a Human Perspective
    … 8.6) is an open-source social robot that can be produced using DIY tools and techniques6 … … software body of the robot and protects the inner part; the control unit and electronics that consist of a separate control box with joystick interface and a micro controller that reads the joystick … … joystick values to the servo controller inside the robot.
  • System-Level Design Methodologies for Telecommunication
    Fig. 7.7 DIY LCD shield LCD (Fig. 7.7), touch or even electronic ink screens, wireless and wired communica- tion (including ZigBee, XBee, WiFi, and plain Radio Frequencies), relay controllers to control high-power electrical equipment, servo motor controllers to build robots, remote controlled vehicles, or generic …
  • CR4 - Blog Entry: DIY robotic foosball table is ready to throw down
    Some clever DIY -types have come up with a solution for how to fill all those long … The premise is simple: servos coupled with a micro- controller operate the arms of the table, while a camera above the action monitors the game, including the location of the ball and the opponents moves, then processes that information using a custom …
    This includes servo and stepper motors, kits, routing sys- tems, tables, pumps and other compo- nents.ArtSoft … The middle ground in machine con- trol is occupied by PC-based con- trollers from companies that kit the whole works and oversee installation. Costs are correspondingly higher than the DIY option, but ease of installation and depth of support can …
  • Maintaining and Troubleshooting Your 3D Printer
    … i3 auto Z-probing electromagnet, 408 Marlin firmware, 411 own copy modification, 411 servo connectors (RAMPS), 410 … See Corrective maintenance Repetier-Host G-code pane, 35 installation Advanced page, 161–162 Behavior page, 159–160 communication tab, 158 Dimension tab, 160–161 preflight tests, 163 printer controller , 156 process, 158 object pane … … 34 RepRap design definition, 63 DIY Tech Shop, 68 MakerFarm …
  • CR4 - Thread: DIY CNC Plasma Table
    Re: DIY CNC Plasma Table With that said, then one will need the servo controller made to accept G code, etc.
  • DIY Robots
    They have independent suspensions and a modular platform compatible with different robotic parts such as DC motors, radio transmitters, servos , micro controllers and sensors. … major part of our life, people are constantly seeking to explore the futuristic aspects of DIY robots.
  • Arduino Electronics Blueprints
    A buttonless servo motor controller Summary … the Arduino-SNAP circuit interface Building the SNAP circuit AM radio Subcircuit integration DIY challenge – RedBearLab …