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...for smartphones and tablets growing at an exponential rate, automation suppliers are responding with development tools that simplify integration of these devices with machine controllers and factory networks. Slideshow: Watch Out, Hobbyist 3D Printing – Here Comes DIY Injection Molding 22 A $1,500...

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  • CR4 - Thread: Need some advice on microcontrollers
    ...programs up to 2000 lines of machine code (a LOT for most little DIY things) before you... With 2000 lines (combined with some bad programming practices) I've made a 8 channel servo controller , GPS interface, motor controller...
  • CR4 - Blog Entry: DIY robotic foosball table is ready to throw down
    Some clever DIY -types have come up with a solution for how to fill all those long... The premise is simple: servos coupled with a micro- controller operate the arms of the table, while a camera above the action monitors the game, including the location of the ball and the opponents moves, then processes that information using a custom...
  • Control Group
    This includes servo and stepper motors, kits, routing sys- tems, tables, pumps and other compo- nents.ArtSoft... The middle ground in machine con- trol is occupied by PC-based con- trollers from companies that kit the whole works and oversee installation. Costs are correspondingly higher than the DIY option, but ease of installation and depth of support can...
  • CR4 - Thread: DIY CNC Plasma Table
    Re: DIY CNC Plasma Table With that said, then one will need the servo controller made to accept G code, etc.
  • DIY Robots
    They have independent suspensions and a modular platform compatible with different robotic parts such as DC motors, radio transmitters, servos , micro controllers and sensors. ...major part of our life, people are constantly seeking to explore the futuristic aspects of DIY robots.
    The XBee is interfaced to a DIY Drones XtreamBee board and configured to provide serial communication at... Controller ...the PWM inputs from the RC receiver and re-encodes PWM signals for the servos and ESCs.
  • A Positive-Real Modification of a Class of Nonlinear Controllers for Robot Manipulators
    diy stable eq We have demonstrated tat naural enera functions associated with PR, controllers and robot man ato lead to... sense since con- trol systems designers can confidently filter signals at the servo level as long...
  • Arduino Robotics
    ...pitch of 0.1�? (2.54mm) that can be found in nearly every DIY electronics shop or... The servo connectors are called OUT1 and OUT2 in the schematics. ...used to switch the control of the servos either to the ATmega328 micro controller or to an...
  • I, Office Worker [Hands On]
    ...USB cable with the Arduino, which in turn talks to the two motor- controller boards via 5... And this little computer operates two radio- control servos I had on hand, which I rigged into... That’s when I stumbled on Hari Wiguna’s SkyDuino project, a DIY pan-and- tilt webcam that’s remotely...
  • Aerodynamic Decelerator Systems Technology Conferences > Flight Testing of a 1-DOF Variable Drag Autonomous Descent Vehicle (AIAA 2013-1377)
    This platform includes an ARM Cortex processor, GPS, six servo outputs, barometric pressure sensor, micro SD card... An electronic speed controller (ESC) is used to power the spool motor. The ground station uses a modified version of a DIY Drones Ardupilot open-source ground station software...