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  • Open Channel Flow Meters-Image
    Open Channel Flow Meters - (62 companies) flow sensors measure the displacement of a vane or piston that is pushed by the fluid. A non-contacting open flow sensor avoids flow disturbances and fouling. Doppler flow meters transmit acoustic waves into the flow and use the frequency... Learn More
  • Ultrasonic Flow Meters-Image
    Ultrasonic Flow Meters - (224 companies)
    Ultrasonic Flow Meters Information. Ultrasonic flow meters use sound waves to determine flow rates. They can be either Doppler Effect meters or Time-of-Flight meters. Doppler Effect meters measure the frequency shifts caused by fluid flow... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Speed Logs - (26 companies) Common types are electromagnetic. Doppler, impeller and pitometer logs. Learn More
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    Stethoscopes - (7 companies)
    ...through tubing and to the healhcare provider's ears via a headset. Most stethoscopes are analog devices and draw no power; these are called acoustic stethoscopes. Electronic stethoscopes are less common. Fetal and Doppler stethoscopes are also made. Video... Learn More
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    Flue and Chimney Systems - (81 companies)
    Flue systems and chimney systems are designed to evacuate combustion exhaust from furnaces, boilers, and other fuel-burning devices. They are also used with gas stove vents, pellet stove vents, and other heating systems. Flues are ducts or pipes... Learn More
  • Fans and Blowers (Industrial) - (1558 companies)
    Industrial fans and blowers are designed to move air and/or powders in industrial and commercial settings. Typical applications include air circulation for personnel, exhaust or material handling. Image Credit: ITW Air Management | CS Unitec... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Linear Velocity Sensors - (73 companies) vibration velocity measurement applications. Radar-based linear velocity sensors emit a radar wave, which is reflected by surface and returned to sensor. Speed is determined by measuring frequency difference (Doppler Effect). For strain gage devices... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Air Valves - (800 companies)
    Air valves allow metered fluid flow in one or both directions. They are used in pneumatic circuits to regulate the rate of activation or exhaust of cylinders and other pneumatic devices. How to Select Air Valves. Image Credit: AirLogic | ASCO... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Electrostatic Precipitators - (54 companies)
    Electrostatic precipitators use electrostatic forces to separate dust particles from exhaust gases. How to Select Electrostatic Precipitators. Image Credit: Bionomic Industries | Losma, Inc. | United Air Specialists, Inc. Electrostatic precipitators... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Tomography and Digital Imaging NDT Systems - (111 companies)
    ...computed tomography, seismic tomography, photoacoustic tomography, and Zeeman-Doppler imaging. Typically, tomography systems are used in radiology, archaeology, biology, geophysics, oceanography, materials science, astrophysics and other sciences. Search by Specification | Learn More
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...was first documented in 1842 by Christian Doppler, an Austrian physicist. We all hear daily examples of the Doppler effect. It is the distinct tone change from a passing train whistle or the exhaust from a race car. We hear this tone change, or Doppler effect, only because we are stationary and the sound...

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Ducommun Incorporated

See Ducommun Technologies, Inc. Information

Characterizing particulate and droplet size distributions:...
distributions: Exhaust emissions to cloud research Publisher Name: IEEE Meeting Location: Baltimore, MD Item Abstract: Phase Doppler interferometry

Mean and turbulent velocity measurements in a turbojet exhaust
Mean and turbulent velocity measurements in a turbojet exhaust

CE-5B-1 - Sector Combustor Studies Test Facility (Laser...
laser-induced fluorescence (PLIF)imaging, Planar Mie scattering, Phase/Doppler particle analysis (PDPA), focussed Schlieren imaging and light sheet

NASA Facts National Aeronautics and Space Administration Jet...

NOAA Ocean Explorer: Technology: Observing Systems and...
The lid of each canister consists of an intake and exhaust door.

ESA Science & Technology: Huygens 4th Probe Checkout
activities of the 4th checkout was a critical one for the Aerosol Collector and Pyrolyser (ACP) instrument, which involved opening the exhaust valve.

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