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  • New Products
    The system features a 16-slot, double - width VME bus backplane and comes standard with processor board set; 512K bytes of main memory expandable to 16M bytes; a peripheral interface card with DMA SCSI disk interface, four RS-232 serial channels expandable...
  • Questionnaire
    Befragten indications 145 ff Questioned-interviewer-Diade 28 Stimulus 17 ff survey aids Double to 173 ff cards 180 ff lists 173 ff survey person, tasks 17 ff to survey kognitionspsychologische foundations 17... ...information retrieval of the memory 23 ff 26 chronically... ...ff just 81 ff 77 ff numerically oddly verbalized 81 ff 77 ff width 83 ff direction...
  • The Tera project: a hybrid queueing ATM switch architecture for LAN
    The Network Interface prototype consists of a VME-sized double width , single height backplane. A custom-designed TDM bus is utilized to support high band- width to packet memory . The Ethernet card consists of the AMD MACE chip and a simple DMA controller.
  • The Legendary IBM 1401 Data Processing System
    ...indicator lights, buttons, switches, and data paths; 4,000 positions of magnetic core memory ; and hard-wired... The 1401 processor contains about 2,300 SMS cards with 10,600 alloy-junction transistors and 13... FIGURE 5: Single- and double - width SMS cards from the IBM 1401 Processing Unit.
  • Design and development of a multi-channel signal-acquisition system for recording an apnea waveform database
    It consists of a data receiver card for each patient monitor; a timing control card; and a first-in, first-out (FIFO) buffer memory card . Double - width front panels attached to each card contain all the necessary status indicators, user controls, and input-output (VO) connections.
  • Intel® Server Board S2600IP4
    Supporting up to eight single-width or four double - width PCIe* cards for true enterprise class performance and expandability • 16 memory sockets support LR/U/R-DIMMs .
  • New Products
    ...options available in any combina- tion include: A. C. Data Save, Plug- gable Memory Exerciser, Data Par... CIRCLE 36 ON READER SERVICE CARD Over 1.6 megabits is stored on a double width data track organized into 1536 blocks, each containing 1024 bits.
  • New Products
    The speed of the processor is also affected by the double - width 32-byte memory transfer which can transfer two 16-byte words from memory simultaneously. Depending on theconfiguration, thepro- cessor supports up to two 1200-cpm card readers; four 1200-lpm printers...
    ...interfaces for connection to standard WANs such as dedicated line, wireless or dial-up network - Two RJ45 interfaces for connection to IP-based networks (WAN or LAN) such as fiber-optics, DSL, GPRS, etc. • Compact, double - width module that can be... - With other TIMs in this rack • Message frame memory for up to 56,000 data message frames • Optional backup battery for... ...PLUG - When installed as a CP in an S7-300 over the memory card of the CPU •...
  • Electrical modeling of high-speed source synchronous communication
    The riser card consists of eight DIMM slots arranged in pairs that can be populated in any... memory controller is on the motherboard and it controls the data processing traffic between the central processing... The main memory bus is a 144-bit double width bus running at 100MHz DDR speed.
  • DSP Applications to Reap Benefits from Inclusion of AVX in Processors
    ...OpenVPX multiprocessor platform will be capable of more than 260 Gigaflops peak per- formance per card slot. The DSP280 also features up to 21 GB/s main memory bandwidth with error checking and correction per... AVX extended the functionality of SSE by doubling the width of the MMX registers from 128 bits to 256 bits and adding extensions that can operate in this wider data environment.
  • New Products based on the Q-bus, which accepts nine Peritek graphics display controller cards , color and monochrome... The slim nine-slot Q-bus chassis and enclosure can be expanded to a double - width , deskside 18-slot system. It contains 256K bytes of memory , a four-port serial interface, and a 512 x 512 x...
  • New Products
    The PR2300 offers nor- mal, compressed, double height, double width , and bold printing with either single- or double-line underlining. a front-panel control that simplifies operator tasks such as form-size selection, reset, setting the top of the form, form feed, clearing mem- ory , clearing error, and pausing. terface cards for the Diablo Hytype I and 11 and Xerox 530 printers.
  • Data Acquisition / 32 4 input ranges from ±1.25 to ±10 V and deep onboard memory (16 or 32... DI-400 - Series ISA Card The DI-400 Series unifies data acquisition functions with a 32 MIPS... 3568 - 32-channel Calibration Relay The Model 3568 is a double - width CAMAC module containing 32 two-pole, double throw relays for calibrating individual analog channels in data acquisition systems.
  • VME64 |
    ...Series motherboard also provides with expansion slot either full-length short-length expansion card (available only VXIpc... Memory VXIpc-870B Series controller hardware consists double - width module that fits directly C-size mainframe.