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  • Ocimf Hawser Guidelines And Procedures
    Flory, J. F., “The Importance of Wlancing the Core and Cover ti Double - Braid Rope �?, Marine TechnobRY society Journal, Vol 15, No. 3, 1981. )3S4928, Specifi~tion for Man-Made Fibre x, .
  • Coastal mooring design: taut elastomeric and chain catenary surface buoy moorings
    Fatigue Test of Samson Double Braided Polyester Rope With Eye Splices and Nylile Spools," Preformed Marine Inc.
  • Reduction in braided rope strength due to twist
    It would be also interesting to extend the study to other braided rope constructions such as 12-strand and double braids , both frequently used in marine applications.
  • Improved mooring line technology for tankers and gas carriers at exposed berths
    2) Recent tests on of parallel-strand nylon rope with top-quality marine finish now demonstrate that this type of rope has much better tension cyclic fatigue properties than double - braid nylon rope tested in the past.
  • External abrasion testing of fiber ropes
    ...produces friction, fusion, and tearing forms of abrasion, typical of those experienced in service by marine hawsers. Abrasion test trialswere run on 8-strand ropes and double braid ropes made of nylon, polyester, and polypropylene.
  • Materials aspects of wave energy converters
    ties of a rope are well understood [18-22] but there is remarkably little hard information on long-term performance in a marine environment. For similar initial rope diameters the double - braided rope is about 30% stronger than the eight- strand rope but has a final elongation to failure which is a good deal less at ~ 15% for nylon double-braided as opposed to ~...
  • Very high strength-to-weight ratios for fiber strength members
    8-strand plaited rope had appeared in Europe and this construction was improved by the 3-strand manufacturers and became a basic product for the marine industry. Small braided cord triggered development of larger braided ropes and resulted in a 2-in-1 braid ( double braid) that was patented by Samson Cordage Works.
  • Cordage institute guidelines for marine grade nylon and polyester rope-making yarns
    In the early 1980s, the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) sponsored a research program to Develop... Rope manufacturers provided specimens of twenty four different types of rope for testing, including 3-strand, 8- strand and double - braid nylon and polyester ropes As part of this research program, a cyclic load “fatigue�? test procedure was developed.
  • High modulus rope designs
    small diameter double braids but this construction is very seldom seen in heavy marine applications due to it's low strength-to- weight ratio. The Jacketed parallel core (multi- rope ) is a new design made specifically for deep water mooring applications.
  • Performance Analysis Of Mooring Hawser Prototypes Manufactured With Different Kinds Of Constituent Materials
    Two years later, in 1987, the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) published its first edition of relevant guidelines to purchasing, manufacturing, inspecting and testing double braided hawsers: ...Hawsers; - OCIMF Procedures for Quality Control and Inspection during the Production of Hawsers; - OCIMF Prototype Rope Testing.
  • New and Used Strength of Large Marine Hawsers
    New and Used Strength of Large Marine Hawsers ...been conducted to determine the new and used strengths of the large synthetic ropes used as hawsers... Almost 70 tests were run on size 15 and size 6 double - braid nylon ropes.* Most of these tests involved cyclic loading to determine cycles to failure or residual strength after cycling.
  • Nylon fibre rope moorings for wave energy converters
    • The green line is the M-2SD design line for conventional construction, double braid and 8 strand, nylon ropes . They are generally only suitable as temporary moorings in the marine environment.
  • Back cover
    3-Strand Ropes Super-8'" Braid Plaited Ropes Navy Braid" Double Braid Ropes Since 1830Wall has beenmaKing the frncstcordage for severe servicein marine , oceanography, fishing, offshorerigs,sersmographic .