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  • Ocimf Hawser Guidelines And Procedures
    Flory, J. F., “The Importance of Wlancing the Core and Cover ti Double - Braid Rope �?, Marine TechnobRY society Journal, Vol 15, No. 3, 1981. )3S4928, Specifi~tion for Man-Made Fibre x, .
  • Improved mooring line technology for tankers and gas carriers at exposed berths
    2) Recent tests on of parallel-strand nylon rope with top-quality marine finish now demonstrate that this type of rope has much better tension cyclic fatigue properties than double - braid nylon rope tested in the past.
  • Coastal mooring design: taut elastomeric and chain catenary surface buoy moorings
    Fatigue Test of Samson Double Braided Polyester Rope With Eye Splices and Nylile Spools," Preformed Marine Inc.
  • Reduction in braided rope strength due to twist
    It would be also interesting to extend the study to other braided rope constructions such as 12-strand and double braids , both frequently used in marine applications.
  • Materials aspects of wave energy converters
    ...18-22] but there is remarkably little hard information on long-term performance in a marine environment. For similar initial rope diameters the double - braided rope is about 30% stronger than the eight- strand rope but has a final elongation to failure which is a good deal less at ~ 15% for nylon double-braided as opposed to ~...
  • External abrasion testing of fiber ropes
    ...produces friction, fusion, and tearing forms of abrasion, typical of those experienced in service by marine hawsers. Abrasion test trialswere run on 8-strand ropes and double braid ropes made of nylon, polyester, and polypropylene.
  • Very high strength-to-weight ratios for fiber strength members was improved by the 3-strand manufacturers and became a basic product for the marine industry. Small braided cord triggered development of larger braided ropes and resulted in a 2-in-1 braid ( double braid) that was patented by Samson Cordage Works.
  • High modulus rope designs
    small diameter double braids but this construction is very seldom seen in heavy marine applications due to it's low strength-to- weight ratio. The Jacketed parallel core (multi- rope ) is a new design made specifically for deep water mooring applications.
  • Nylon fibre rope moorings for wave energy converters
    • The green line is the M-2SD design line for conventional construction, double braid and 8 strand, nylon ropes . They are generally only suitable as temporary moorings in the marine environment.
  • Drilling Operations Under "No-Discharge" Restrictions in Alabama State Waters in the Mobile Bay Area
    The mooring system selected included a 20,000 lb. anchor, 300 feet of 2-1/2 inch chain, 200 feet of 3-1/2 inch diameter double braided nylon rope , and a short section of 1-3/4 inch wire rope in each mooring line. Foam filled marine fenders (4-ft diameter x 8-ft long) were installed on each side of...
  • Cordage institute guidelines for marine grade nylon and polyester rope-making yarns
    In the early 1980s, the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) sponsored a research program to Develop... Rope manufacturers provided specimens of twenty four different types of rope for testing, including 3-strand, 8- strand and double - braid nylon and polyester ropes As part of this research program, a cyclic load “fatigue�? test procedure was developed.
  • Back cover
    3-Strand Ropes Super-8'" Braid Plaited Ropes Navy Braid" Double Braid Ropes Since 1830Wall has beenmaKing the frncstcordage for severe servicein marine , oceanography, fishing, offshorerigs,sersmographic .