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  • Medical Device Link .
    Available in surface-mount or through-hole versions, compact slide switches feature double-pole capabilities in a single-pole body. The Alcoswitch units can be ordered unsealed or with an IP67-rated seal. With printed circuit board retention features and a robust actuator, the components offer
  • Basic Switches Are Not Created Equal
    is easier to troubleshoot and. have one function: to create mounting holes. rectify. Double check cases for regrind content and. Because there is no other stabilizing component, the. percentage of glass fill. The higher the glass fill, the. case and components can skew if the switch is over
  • Save now, pay later
    Designers are being put between a rock and a hard place balancing material costs with product quality. Honeywell EVN-Series limit switches are found in escalators, forklifts, and moving platforms. They feature an IP66/67 sealed compact double-insulated plastic housing for mounting where limited
  • Life Insurance for Switches & Circuit Breakers Surviving Harsh Environments
    drawings, so you can double. check dimensions against controls you presently have or are planning to install. This is an important step as. controls manufacturers change dimensions from time-to-time. Some guidelines to follow are: • What size threaded bushing does your switch use (e.g., 15/32-32, M12x1