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...parallax, this is a phenomenon in conventional lenses which causes a change in magnification as it moves in and out from best focus. Closer objects appear larger than objects further away. Telecentric lenses optically correct for this occurrence. Sensor Size: The size of a camera sensor's active area...

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Telecentricity and Telecentric Lenses in Machine Vision |...
what makes telecentric lenses ideal for machine vision, it is important to look at what it means to be telecentric, compare telecentric lenses to
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Machine Vision Lens Products and Imaging Lenses - Edmund...
Fixed Focal Length Lenses (33) Telecentric Lenses (13) Compact Fixed Focal Length Lenses Compact Telecentric Lenses
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Industrial/Machine Vision Telecentric Lenses
Industrial/Machine Vision Telecentric Lenses

Standard telecentric lens and custom optic products
Double Mag Bi-Telecentric Lenses 8x Bi-Telecentric Zoom Lenses Bi-Telecentric lenses Matrix Detector TC Lenses
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shanghai optics, color glass

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Telecentric Lenses and Illumination for Machine Vision
Ultra-Low Distortion Telecentric Lenses
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Double tele-centric objectives
This double tele-centric system with a contrast of 300 and an enormous imaging capacity has been conceived for the wave length area of 355 nm. The

Double-Sided Telecentric - Navitar Shopping Cart
Double-Sided Telecentric Double-Sided Telecentric

Wavelength Technology Singapore Pte., Ltd
Telecentric Scanning Lens TSL-9.4/9.6/1064/633/532 Double Field of View Lens IR Zoom Lens
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Astron. Astrophys. 340, 569?578 (1998) ASTRONOMY AND...
A double Fabry-Perot spectrometer in a telecentric thermore it is very desirable to perform simultaneous or nearly configuration (TESOS: Telecentric

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