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    Dovetail Slides - (30 companies)
    ...into which the tenon interlocks, yet can slide. Dovetail slides are direct contact systems where the sliding area is considered the bearing system of the dovetail slide. Since the surface contact is so large, dovetail slides are ideal for heavy load... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Linear Slides and Linear Stages - (496 companies)
    How to Select Linear Slides. Hardened way slide Image credit: Milwaukee Machine Tool | Motion guide slide Image credit: PBC Linear | Dovetail slide Image credit: Generic Slide. Linear slides provide smooth, precision linear motion and positioning... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Multi-axis Positioning Systems - (135 companies)
    Description. Multi-axis Positioning Systems make use of linear, rotary and goniometric stages, slides and drives in various combinations to create standard and custom positioning systems. Linear stages are driven slides that provide precise... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Dovetail Cutters - (60 companies)
    Dovetail cutters are specialized tools for cutting a dovetail angled grooves into a workpiece and are used for fitting or joining parts. They may be of solid construction, or with holders and inserts. Dovetail cutters can be used with a number... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Slide Switches - (195 companies)
    Slide switches are mechanical switches defined by their method of activation. The switch is a slider that moves (slides) from position to position. Slide Switches Information. Slide switches are mechanical switches defined by their method... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Shapers (metalworking) - (19 companies) be created. Some example products and applications include dovetail slides, internal splines, keyway cutting in blind holes, and keyways in the boss of a pulley or gear. Learn More
  • Ball Slides - (82 companies)
    ...slides. Ball slide stages are simply ball slides coupled with a drive mechanism. The result is a very smooth linear motion, accurately controlled by rotation of the drive mechanism. Ball slides use a bearing system composed of two rows of balls on both... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Drawer Slides - (85 companies)
    There are many different types of drawer slides. Examples include heavy duty drawer slides, ball bearing drawer slides, full extension drawer slides, and a plastic drawer slides. A heavy duty drawer slide is made of stainless steel, plated cold-rolled... Learn More
  • Z-Axis Stages - (46 companies)
    ...stages include some type of power to actuate the lift motion, such as an electric motor or hydraulic equipment. Unpowered stages may be referred to as slides. The vertical motion itself may be accomplished with a number of designs. Scissor stages use... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Crossed Roller Slides - (66 companies)
    Crossed roller slides are simple linear motion devices that consist of a stationary base and a moving carriage. The rollers are crossed at a 90 angle in an alternating fashion and are enclosed in the rails, which have a machined V-shaped groove... Search by Specification | Learn More
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Hardened way slides are also called box ways, industrial hardened ways, hardened slides or rectangular way slides. Hardened ways have many similarities to the dovetail slide. The hardened way is a more durable product, however, and is meant for applications with heavy loads and high cyclic action...

Slide assemblies are employed in testing and inspection fixtures, specifically for research and manufacturing gauging. The line of graduated-knob Unislide products feature dovetail slides with an accurate leadscrew and error of less than 0.0015 in. per 12 in. An engraved hand. MPMN June 2004...

...the lance operations. With this approach, the same rotary lance drive assembly is used to control impingement on the dovetail surfaces but it is attached to a manipulator with only one vertical axis of motion. A manual cross axis slide assembly is mounted to the bottom of the manipulator...

...single-spindle screw machines. Article From: 5/24/2012 Production Machining, Lori Beckman (editor), Managing Editor. Click Image to Enlarge. Collet-type toolholders and dovetail/insert-type cross-slide tools on the ServoCam UltraTurn XL single-spindle CNC screw machine simplify setup and tool...

...of the minimum or. maximum value. Otherwise—if it is set. to be exactly on the “zero” diameter—. any other position will produce a chord. Roller anvils are used to measure the diameters of outside tapers and dovetail guides. reading, and not the true diameter of. Source: Mahr. the part. An operator uses...

...of an assembled specimen holder with three different-sized compartments. Inset shows the layered structure of the specimen holder. Miniature Biosample Holders. The UCD group has also demonstrated the fabrication and assembly of miniature sample holders formed by using sliding dovetail stages (Figures 5 and 6...

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These were known as dovetail hinges from the 17th century onwards and can be found on old desks and cabinets from about 1670 until the 18th century.

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