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  • Coping with the coming brain drain
    a span of about 19 years. How will you deal with the coming brain drain? There are several ways to capture the expertise, knowledge, and know-how of the near retirees and make it accessible to the rest of the firm. A few companies in the early 1990s, such as Icad and Wisdom Systems, tackled
  • Creating Safe Storm Drain Systems
    Storm drain systems are used throughout the world to provide a way for excess rainwater and groundwater to drain safely to designated runoff areas. Storm drains are located on streets, freeways and anywhere else that water can puddle and potentially cause flooding. Usually storm drain systems
  • MX-40 GPI Drain Pad Bonding
    The MX-40 has a very small gate capacitance (0.26 pF). This is accomplished by making the diameter. ("width") of the gate very small. With a drain pad diameter of only 70 µm and a gate diameter of only 86 µm, it is easy to short the drain to the gate by placing the drain bond slightly off-center.
  • Drain Cleaning Tool Selection Guide (.doc)
    You are a professional plumbing contractor. You know that the best tool to clear a clogged kitchen sink is very different than the right tool to clear a main drain. But did you know that though one tool could be used to clear a sink, bathtub, and toilet, the best tool is different in each case
  • 15 Safety Tips You Should Know Before Using Your Drain Cleaning Machine
    A man tells his helper to put a drain cleaning machine in a ditch filled with water. The frayed extension cord lies across the wet ground. The helper, wearing rubber boots, tries to use the machine but complains he is getting shocked. The man calls his helper a sissy and gets in the ditch wearing
  • The Engineering Brain Drain: How Does This Affect You?
    In the chemical and petroleum industries, instrumentation engineers are becoming hard to findâ as is engineering talent across the board. Accordingly, it might be useful to reflect on the following lead from a back issue of Time magazine: â The U.S., the world's greatest technological civilization,
  • Using Thermography to Find a Class of Latent Construction Defects in Drain and Vent Pipes
    An issue that continues to plague the construction industry, nails and screws coming into contact with copper water pipes, can be diagnosed with infrared thermography. A leak may not immediately occur, but galvanic action between the steel fastener and the copper pipe will eventually lead to a hole
  • Flood Reinstatement
    Flood reinstatement made faster with cavity drain membranes,
  • Jurys Hotel Flood Free
    Platon cavity drain membranes specified to waterproof basement offices of hotel in Cork.
  • Platon membrane replaces failed waterproofing system.
    Platon cavity drain membranes supplied by Triton Systems were installed at St Michael School to replace the failed waterproofing system.

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