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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
FF1014 Global Industrial Hastings Not Provided Hastings ® Ff1014 Spin-On Fuel/Water Separator W/ Drain
AFM40-N04D-Z-A Allied Electronics, Inc. SMC CORPORATION Not Provided Mist Separator; Modular; Body Sz 40; 1/2NPT ports; 0.3 micron; Auto Drain (N.O.)
AFM20-N02-CZ-A Allied Electronics, Inc. SMC CORPORATION Not Provided Mist Separator; Modular; Body Sz 20; 1/4NPT ports; 0.3 micron; Auto Drain (N.C.)
AM550C-N10D-T Allied Electronics, Inc. SMC CORPORATION Not Provided Mist Separator; 3700 L/min(ANR); 1-in NPT Port; N.O. Auto Drain; 99.9% Effic.

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  • Draining a Pressure Vessel - A No Brainer?
    . It may even damage piping. 3. Inexpensive float drains fail. Not if- When. Here’s a secret: the little plastic nub that is sold as an “automatic drain valve” at the base of that moisture separator, it’s not worth the $20 bucks you paid. Get a direct acting durable auto drain. 4. Don’t try to save
  • Replacing Old Refrigerated Dryers - Reducing Maintenance, Reducing Pressure Drop
    ) to eliminate slugs of water going downstream in the event of a catastrophic failure of an upstream drain, separator, or dryer. 3.  Since the inlet temperature to the dryers is consistent year round (80-85F) the refrigerated dryers could be replaced with single tower deliquescent dryers. The single tower
  • Improving Energy Efficiency in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations Part I: Motors, Drives and Compressed Air Systems
    and hours-run meters on the compressor drive. Air leaks are a major energy drain, but they also can damage equipment. A poorly maintained compressed air system will likely have a leak rate equal to 20% to 50% of total capacity. Leak maintenance can reduce this number to less than 10%. Fixing leaks pays off
  • New Method and Systems of Blowdown Heat Recovery
    from the. tank enters built-in separator (Fig. 6) where the drain water is separated from the flash steam. Small portion. of the flash steam condenses on the external side of the inner shell. The remaining major portion of the flash. steam is directed to any user of low pressure steam, for instance
  • Batteries
    based on zinc chloride. Materials for the LeClanche system are cheaper than those for zinc-chloride cells which, in turn, cost less than alkaline components. Alkaline batteries generally cost less per hour of operation, however, than others where drain current is high and usage frequent
  • Using Centrifuges in Catalyst Recovery
    , the. liquid is discharged completely from the drain holes of the. bowl, the valuable catalyst remains in the chambers and can. be discharged manually more easily. Also nozzle-type separators, especially from the TDC series,. are increasingly used for recovering catalysts. These separators. provide
  • Contact UsHow to Assess Cell Suppliers for your Custom Battery Packs (.pdf)
    to match the right. • Cycling behavior – How will the cell be used? Will the. battery system to the right power-hungry device is a key. end-user completely drain the battery—as occurs with. concern in today’s market. wheelchairs and toys—or will the cell only be taken to a. shallow depth
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Such a profile would include the following factors: Operational voltage range (the minimum to maximum operating voltages of the system). Current duty cycle (the nominal and maximum current-drain rates of the system). Environmental temperature (the maximum and minimum temperatures to which the system
  • 15 Rules on Condensation
    to be opened manually to dump the condensation. Rule 11. Avoid leaving manual valves partly open to constantly drain the condensation. This is tempting on drain points that have a high volume of condensation, such as the aftercooler separator and the air receiver tank. Leaving the valve open
  • Compressed Air History
    Rebuilding. Compressor Blowers. Compressed Air Monitors. Compressed Air Piping. Dew Point Meters. Flow Meters. Pressure Gauges. Pressure Switches. Air Receiver Tanks. Compressed Air Audits. Valves & Regulators. Vibration Pads. Drain Valves. No-Loss Drain Valves. Timer-Controlled Drain Valves. Search

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