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  • Diamond - CASE STUDY
    is what happens before parts are nested. From that first garage-floor drawing, Engel transitioned to 2-D AutoCAD®. But when the shop invested in its first plasma system and nesting software, Engel actually stopped using AutoCAD and started designing parts within the nesting program itself. In other words
  • Cable Materials
    . In fact,the American Wire Gauge (AWG) sizing system suggests. this drawing procedure. For example, a size 22 AWG wire,smaller. than 20 AWG, is drawn, theoretically, through 22 progressively smaller. dies. Larger wire is drawn through fewer dies; hence, the lower number. "gauge
  • Medical Device Link .
    A machining center is suitable for the tool and die and medical device markets. The Model 2626XP is a five-axis programmable abrasive water-jet machining system that produces complex parts out of most materials. It offers positioning accuracy with +-0.001 in. directly from a CAD drawing or .DXF
  • Fatigue Performance of Nitinol Round Wire with Varying Cold Work Reductions (.pdf)
    using natural diamond drawing dies and. Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance. Volume 18(5–6) August 2009—563. oil-based lubricants to a finished diameter of 0.32 mm. All of. the wires were heat treated at 490 °C for a dwell time of 15 min. in an air-stirred fluidized bed with alumina media
  • Expanding Upward and Outward
    cutting, tube fabricating, vehicle prototyping services, and welding had been part of the company 's service offerings for years, but that wasn 't enough. That 's why the company added deep-drawing, heavy-gauge fabrication, and powder coating capabilities and more than 20,000 square feet of facility
  • Glossary of Terms
    in lighting applications. Drawn Glass. A process for making sheet glass by drawing the molten glass as a sheet directly from the furnace. The thickness of the glass is determined by the drawing rate. Edging. The shaping or finishing of the edges of a glass surface, usually by grinding with an abrasive
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Each diamond 's crystalline structure is aligned in a specific way to give uniform drawing properties.2 This ensures a consistently uniform diameter down the entire length of the wire. Examples of silver-plated copper alloys insulated with biocompatible polymer coatings. Annealing. Once the wire
  • Power over Ethernet in Industrial Applications
    application problems in innovative ways. PoE industrial sensor and control er. devices are on the drawing board. Although the available power in a PoE-connected device is limited to about 13 watts, the vast. majority of modern industrial sensors take less than 10 watts. It may soon be possible to power