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  • Description: geometry, and flow pattern under consideration. With its many examples and problem sets, Water Quality Engineering is recommended as a textbook for graduate courses in physical and chemical treatment processes for water and wastewater. By drawing together the most recent research findings

  • Supplier: ASME

    Description: of equipment used by the petroleum and chemical industries. A process flow diagram is the first drawing made to show the basic items of major equipment and their relation to one another in the process scheme. The more important flow lines are indicated as connecting these pieces of equipment and help

  • Description: improvement Effective training to develop your people Consultants and trainers with technical expertise, interpersonal skills, and drive to work effectively with your team Solutions customized to fit your needs, drawing from a diverse range of methods and services A rapid return on your investment

    • Discipline: Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Systems Engineering, Other Engineering
    • R & D Services: Process Design
    • Testing, Inspection & Certification Services: Condition Evaluation
    • Facilities Services: Other Facilities Services

  • Description: re-melting and contains 35% nickel, 35% cobalt, 20% chromium, and 10% molybdenum. The alloy is strengthened by work hardening and aging to strength levels of 260 to 300 ksi, with good ductility – 40% reduction in area. This work hardening can be achieved by rolling, swaging, drawing, or by any

    • Metal / Alloy Types: Nickel / Nickel Alloy (UNS N), Refractory / Reactive (UNS R), Cobalt / Cobalt Alloy, Molybdenum / Molybdenum Alloy
    • Shape / Form: Fabricated Parts / Shapes
    • Features: Corrosion Resistant
    • Applications: Aerospace / Aircraft (AQ), Chemical / Materials Processing, Wear Parts / Tooling

  • Description: decontamination process. The steady-state steam pressure and velocities are determined by solving Laplace's equation for two geometries: a circular symmetry model and a point source model (results for the latter are available upon request). One-dimensional laboratory experiments were conducted to determine

  • Description: As companies around the world implement ERP applications in their process plants, they often face customization issues in storing instrument data in the ERP application. Since this data is very complex, the cost of customizing the ERP applicationfor this purpose can be very high. Moreover, because

  • Description: Drawing, Stamping and Forming: The PICO line of drawing, stamping, and forming fluids provide regulatory and safety compliance without sacrificing performance and perform admirably in severe drawing applications, and successfully eliminate staining and cleaning during down stream processes. PICO

    • Type: Solvent

  • Supplier: ALLDOS Inc.

    Description: be fed from an integral calibration unit always under flooded suction conditions. The liquid is then transferred accurately dosed into the process line. Any overspill as a result of the lower dosing output from the front head is returned to the chemical carboy . With it's high precision

    • Type Of Pump: Dosing Pumps

  • Supplier: Plastic-Mart

    Description: ask for. The process works with us sending you a blank drawing to fill out. Once you send it back to us we give you a call to go over it revising any corrections needed. Once you are comfortable enough to place an order, we get it rolling. Fitting accessories include: inspection plates, manways, hose

    • Type: General Purpose/ Bulk Storage Tank, Water Tank
    • Volume Capacity: 28 gallons
    • Height: 10 inch

  • Supplier: Pegasus Glass

    Description: Custom Manufacturing Pegasus extensive in house manufacturing abilities allow us to create quality Scientific, Industrial and OE glassware from both automated and manual process for glass blowing, cutting, grinding, forming, and machining. Our personnel are not only proficient with what they do

    • Fabrication Services: Design Assistance, Glass Blowing / Assembly, Glass Part Fabrication, Glass Cutting / Profiling, Glass Repair, Lampworking, Materials Development / R&D, Material Selection, Supplies, Specialty / Other
    • Processes: Extrusion / Drawing, Grinding / Beveling, Machine Forming (Bending / Pressing) , Machining, Molding, Off Hand Forming (Pressing / Bending), Specialty / Other
    • Materials Processed: Aluminosilicate, Borosilicate, Soda Lime, Quartz, Specialty / Other
    • Additional Operations: Chemical Treating, Glass to Metal Bonding, Etching / Blasting, Heat Treating, Lapping / Polishing

  • Description: No Description Provided

    • Fabrication Services: Design Assistance, Glass Blowing / Assembly, Glass Part Fabrication, Glass Cutting / Profiling, Glass Repair, Materials Development / R&D, Material Selection, Inspection / Testing, Specialty / Other
    • Processes: Extrusion / Drawing, Grinding / Beveling, Machine Forming (Bending / Pressing) , Machining, Molding, Specialty / Other
    • Materials Processed: Aluminosilicate, Borosilicate, Germanium / Semiconductor, Glass Ceramic, Silicate / Fused Silica, Soda Lime, Quartz, Specialty / Other
    • Additional Operations: Chemical Treating, Glass to Metal Bonding, Glass to Ceramic Bonding, Etching / Blasting, Heat Treating, Hermetic Sealing, Lapping / Polishing, Other

  • Supplier: Polycorp Ltd.

    Description: Polycorp's Red Rubber cured sheeting is compounded from more than 95% natural rubber that exhibits outstanding resilience, strength and resistance to cutting, tearing and abrasion. Drawing from our experience with Grinding Mill Liners and other highly abrasive applications materials, Polycorp has

    • Form: Liner / Lining System, Membrane
    • Function & Thickness: Abrasion / Sliding Wear, Sound Attenuation, Static Discharge / ESD, Specialty / Other
    • Thickness: 0.1250 to 0.5000 inch
    • Industry & Application: Chemical Process, Construction (e.g., Culverts, etc.), Environmental (Stacks / Landfills), Material Handling, Mining, Water / Wastewater

  • Description: ChemArt has always been a major contributor to the Photo Chemical Machining (PCM) industry since its creation in 1976. Its founder, Richard Beaupre, was the originator of aqueous dry film photo resist used in PCM imaging applications. Currently, all dry film photo resists used in PCM applications

    • Stamping Capabilities: Deep Drawing, Blanking / Piercing, Fine Blanking, Fourslide / Multislide Stamping, Progressive Dies
    • Additional Manufacturing Capabilities: Anodizing, Black Oxide, Coiling / Spring Making, Electroplating, Grinding, Heat Treating / Stress Relieving, Painting / Powder Coating, Tool Making
    • Materials: Ferrous Metals, Nonferrous Metals, Exotic Metals and Alloys, Precious Metals
    • Services Offered: Assembly Services, Engineering / Design Assistance, Prototype / Short Run, High Volume Production, Specialty Packaging

  • Description: are capable of providing include. Shearing Sawing Punching Drilling Milling Turning Grinding Threading Tapping Brake Forming Tube Forming Rolling Deep drawing Wire forming Mig welding all alloys Tig welding all alloys Spot welding carbon steels and some alloys Deburring Finish

    • Services: Computer Aided Machining (CAM), Design / Development, Kitting, Low Volume Production, High Volume Production, Shipping and Freight, Turnkey Product Manufacturing
    • Capabilities: Machining, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Stamping, Welding and Fabrication
    • Industry Served: Aerospace / Avionics, Agriculture / Forestry, Automotive, Building / Construction, Chemicals / Raw Materials, Energy / Utility, Food / Beverage, Hydraulics / Pneumatics, Industrial / Commercial, Marine, Material Handling, Military / Defense
    • Location: North America, United States Only, Southern US Only

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  • Analysis of Radially Symmetric Textures Using Partial Pole Figures (.pdf)
    Many manufacturing processes, including uniaxial compression, wire drawing, rolling, and chemical vapor deposition (CVD), tend to orient crystals in the material with a specific crystallographic plane parallel to a certain direction (i.e. compression axis, drawing, axis, sheet, normal, and surface
  • Tech Transfer: Don't Fumble the Hand Off
    commercially available can ruin the transfer. More likely, performance metrics, particularly in-process analytical tools, lack the appropriate resolution and discrimination at larger scale. Poor manufacturability has sent more than one CMC filing back to the drawing board. When it comes to transferring
  • Measuring Residual Stress In Transparent Plastics
    manufacturing, optical components, and others. Residual stresses are introduced by nearly all techniques used for polymer manufacturing. They form as a result of extrusion, stretching, drawing, molding, casting, joining, or other strain-inducing processes. Strains can be introduced by differential
  • Carbon Steel
    . Then, the metal is reheated and hot rolled into the finished, wrought form. Hot-rolled steel is characterized by a scaled surface and a decarburized skin. Hot-rolled bars may be subsequently finished in a two-part process. First, acid pickling or shot blasting removes scale. Then, cold drawing through a die
  • Can A New Lead Drug Be Developed? Ask Manufacturing, Early and Ofte
    , each drug candidate lead can be analyzed fully, and both its biological and chemical attributes and drawbacks determined. Sometimes, all leads will have one major drawback. Sometimes, they ll have two or more, signaling the need to go back to the drawing board until the right lead is found
  • Steels for strength and machinability
    hardening rate, make the alloy well suited for making fasteners and drawing small-diameter wires. Custom 465 stainless can be cold drawn in excess of 90% reduction, with no intermediate anneal. On the other
  • MICRO:Archives of 1997 Back Issues
    The reader's have spoken again with this year's top-drawing items from our Product Technology News section. The 1997 winners range from CMP cluster tools to cleanroom clogs, MEMS MFCs to molecular analyzers, lithography filters to liquid-level sensors Cutini heads OnTrak; Kern joins YieldUP board; Miller

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