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    Drawing Software - (25 companies)
    Drawing software aids in creating illustrations using vectors and/or rasters in two or three dimensions; illustrations are often represented as charts, diagrams, graphs, and images. This type of software also includes drafts of technical drawings... Learn More
  • Wire Drawing Dies-Image
    Wire Drawing Dies - (40 companies)
    Wire Drawing Dies Information. Wire drawing dies are tools with highly-polished, specially-shaped holes through which wire is drawn to reduce its diameter. They have a metal case and a nib made of tungsten carbide (TC), polycrystalline diamond (PCD... Learn More
  • Deep Drawing Services-Image
    Deep Drawing Services - (47 companies)
    How to Select Deep Drawing Services. Deep drawing services form parts by using a punch to radially draw a sheet metal blank into a forming die. The part is re-drawn through a series of successively smaller dies until its depth is greater than its... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Drawbenches and Drawing Machines - (25 companies)
    Drawbenches and drawing machines are use tensile forces to reduce the size of metal sheets, wire, tubes and rods by drawing metal strips through a drawplate or dies. Drawing is typically broken up into two general types: sheet metal drawing or wire... Learn More
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    Rolling Stock (Locomotives and Railcars) - (44 companies)
    Rolling stock and rail vehicles includes powered and unpowered rail vehicles such locomotives, railroad cars, railway vehicles, coaches or passengers vans, wagons or freight cars, ballast hoppers, switchers, baggage car or luggage vans, and cabooses... Learn More
  • Roller Dollies - (196 companies)
    ...or move heavy machinery. A tow dolly or car dolly consists of a wheeled axle with two ramps for driving a car up on to the dolly so the front wheels rest on the dolly while the car 's rear wheels remain on the ground. The tow dolly is attached... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Material Handling Carts and Trucks - (1373 companies) be tilted and dumped with relative ease. Typically, they have two wheels and a sloped front for ease in unloading. Image credit: Sears Roebuck. Tracked. Tracked cars are carts used within tracked mining or heavy duty industrial applications. Image credit... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Services - (1689 companies)
    ...equations (PDEs) and integral equations. An example use of FEA is analysis of automobile component behavior during a computer-simulated car crash, with the goal of improving car safety design. Image Credit: Part Design. Part design... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Wire Mills and Wire Flattening Machines - (53 companies)
    ...and shapes on the wire itself by drawing it through rolls or a die. Wire mills and wire flattening machines follow a process of pulling a rod through a rolls or dies that become progressively smaller until it reaches the intended diameter. This process... Learn More
  • Rapid Prototyping Services - (904 companies)
    Rapid prototyping automates the fabrication of a prototype part from a three-dimensional (3-D) CAD drawing. These physical models convey more complete information about the product earlier in the development cycle. Rapid Prototyping Services... Search by Specification | Learn More
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you will be able to mount and secure a car in a bench and then diagnose the extent of the damage using the mechanical measuring system Car-O-Mech.

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public Object getDatum() {//sometimes called car return datum; setDatum } setNext Integer t = new Integer(24); public ListCell getNext() {//sometimes

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EverybodyLovesSketch: 3D sketching for a broader audience
on perceptual drawing novices with no perspective training to proficiently create (drawing what you see) rather than conceptual drawing 3D curve

Dynamic Fabrication
Upload Your Drawing Contact Info & Directions Upload Your Drawing Contact Info & Directions
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Cut to Length Line products, buy Cut to Length Line products...
Composed Device 1.Hydraulic coil car: loading capacity of 15T The operation and lifting of this dolly is conducted by oil cylinder.
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DIY Gear [Archive - Page 9 - -- The online...
2'x2' feet dolly platform big enough? Anyone ever used a "moly dolly?" $150 DIY dolly (+tracks) that stays smooth on ANY ground

John F. Kennedy Space Center - NASA/KSC Acronym List

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