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  • Water-soluble Fluids and Emulsion Fluids
    emulsions or oil-water-emulsions. Water-in-oil emulsions have a continuous phase of oil and superior lubricating and friction reduction qualities (i.e., metal forming and drawing). Oil-in-water emulsions consist of droplets of oil in a continuous water phase and have better cooling characteristics
  • Metal Working Fluid
    , grinding, lapping, and honing operations. Metal forming fluids are used in stamping, forging, drawing, coining, rolling, piercing, cold heading, and wire/bar/rod drawing operations as well. Metal protecting fluids are used primarily for fingerprint displacing and indoor/outdoor storage. Drawing
  • Fluid simulations 101
    the centerline of the valve and a cross section through the ball. CosmosFloWorks allows mixing streams of the same fluids but it only works with single-phase fluids. The enclosure results show thermal streamlines with a fan drawing air out the back. One box has an insulating wall and the other has
  • Fluid Flow Software vs. Spreadsheets for Piping System Design & Analysis
    . individual pipelines and the design data are. to show how the various items are. taken off the CAD drawing and manually. connected. entered into the spreadsheet’s columns and. •. rows. This provides a satisfactory method to. Calculations – integrating all fluid flow. organize data and eliminates
  • Fluid Handling In Medical Device Design: Issues and Challenges
    that. At the very earliest stages of development, the company may consist only of. the founders who have the requisite clinical, but not engineering, expertise to take a. concept from drawing board to production. When cash flow is critical, as it is for many. start-ups, working with an external fluidics
  • Medical Device Link .
    pump drawing in fluid and the other dispensing it. The bottom line, Werner says, is that medical device OEMs would need two syringes with four valves and multiple stepper motors to do what the CeramPump does with no valves and one stepper motor. A peristaltic pump can also be used to dispense tiny
  • Medical Device Link .
    objective for such devices is to minimize thermal and mechanical stresses that can damage blood cells in the artificial circulation. A type of blood pump manufactured by Medtronic, the BioMedicus Biopump, comprises three rotating cones that produce a centrifugal effect for drawing blood from
  • Medical Device Link .
    , CA). "You can determine a patient's condition simply by scanning the body. " Hemoscan 1000 from Cytometrics measures hemoglobin and hematocrit levels without drawing blood. In the real world, however, patients do complain about the constant poking and prodding that their physicians must subject them