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Parts by Number for Dressing Tool Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
1385118 Global Industrial Star Tool Supply Not Provided Silicon Carbide Abrasive Dressing Stick 1 X 1 X 8"
19-906 Allied Electronics, Inc. EAO SWITCH Not Provided DRESSING TOOL
01-906 Allied Electronics, Inc. EAO SWITCH Not Provided Accessory, EAO,Dressing Tool for Aligning Buttons
2512-RD1R ASAP Semiconductor GC Not Provided Wire Dressing Alignment Tool
LMO DCH.91.121.PN PEI-Genesis Lemo Not Provided DRESS NUT TOOL GEG.0S.240.LC
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  • Natural Diamond Single Point Dressing Tools: Where, When, and How to Use Them
    Natural Diamond Octahedron single point dressing tools are "Trick Tools" in a positive fashion. They can open a grinding wheel so it can grind faster, aggressively, and cooler. They can also be used to condition the wheel to give better flatness, finishes, and tight tolerances. They are plentiful
  • Software Review: Dressing up 3D Designs
    new ways to manipulate images. For example, Merge To HDR combines many images of the same scene with different exposures into a single image. And new filter and color-correction functions can help repair under and overexposed images. As in previous versions, selection tools range from the Lasso
  • Choosing the Right Diamond Tool for Your Applications
    When dressing simple forms, nearly any tool type will suffice, though grit tools work well. Grit tools provide significantly longer tool life, which reduces dressing costs. Single point and grit tools are not typically used when dressing intricate forms, as the metal surrounding the diamond(s
  • Heat-Shrink Tubing: The Versatile Tools for Maintenance and Repair (.pdf)
    . Semirigid tubing is. available to provide a stiffer strain relief.  Bundle and organize wire harness, cable, tubing, and hose dressing.  Seal connections, backshells, and gaps from moisture and other contaminants.  Identify circuits through color coding, grouping, and labeling. Some tubing can
  • Superior Superabrasive Wheels and a Cost-down Strategy Pay Off in Round Tool Grinding Operations
    , materials and machines, these wheels are reducing cycle times and lowering wheel-dressing requirements. That level of performance, in turn, is reducing total grinding costs by as much as 30 percent compared to other "high-performance" wheels. For example, in the machining of one-inch diameter, five
  • How to Square Up and True 11A2 and 11V9 Diamond Wheels on Single Lip Tool and Cutter Grinders
    the diamond mesh with a Type A dressing stick. The diamond mesh must be exposed in order for the Moly Stick to pull out the high diamonds and true the face. Soak the Type A (aluminum oxide) dressing stick in water to saturate it. A saturated stick has better action in removing the bond. Plunge the stick
  • Sales Heat Up Fast for an African Hot Sauce
    The challenge of preparing an authentic African hot sauce for the US market was a easy assignment for Green Garden Foods of Kent, Washington. This custom dressing and sauce manufacturer is nationally known for its ability to source even the most exotic ingredients and replicate complex recipes
  • How to do Aggesssive, Hungry, Precision Grinding
    down or put on a smaller diameter wheel. Second, select a ceramic grit 3M CUBITRON® abrasive wheel. Third, balance the wheel. Forth, dress the wheel so it has an aggressive, cool action. Dressing should be done normally at the infeed rate of .001 maximum. Any infeed of the diamond dressing tool, (ALL

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