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  • Drilling and Tapping End Effectors-Image
    Drilling and Tapping End Effectors - (11 companies)
    Drilling and tapping end effectors attach to the end of a robotic arm, and perform machining of holes and threads in a target material. The effectors are adapted to the end of an articulating robotic arm, often via an interfacing device called...
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    Thrust Capacity (per single drill head)
    Spindle Speed
  • Drilling and Tapping Machines-Image
    Drilling and Tapping Machines - (530 companies)
    Administration (OSHA) guidelines. Additional Information. Engineering360 --Drilling and Tapping End Effectors Information. Engineering360 --Tapping Thread in Welded Steel. Engineering360 --Metal Cutting Machines. Engineering360 --Boring Machines...
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  • Drilling Units and Tapping Units-Image
    Drilling Units and Tapping Units - (89 companies)
    Drilling units and tapping units are machine tool components for automated drilling and tapping applications. They usually consist of a drilling head, chuck or collet, motor, and in-feed cylinder or mechanism. Drilling units and tapping units...
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  • Taps-Image
    Taps - (421 companies)
    ...into the material being tapped as the tap is turned. After a hole has been drilled with a tap drill, it is ready for tapping. Taps usually have 2 or 4 Longitudinal grooves, referred to as flutes, that run through the threads and create the cutting edges...
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  • Drill Bits-Image
    Drill Bits - (1171 companies)
    ...combination drill and tap, and drill blank. Drill Bit Design and Construction. Rotation on drill bits can be either right hand or left hand. Right hand drill bits are the most common. They are designed to cut while turning clockwise. Left hand drill bits...
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    Hand Drills - (176 companies)
    ...the bits of the drills. The drill bit is gripped by a chuck at one end of the drill and rotated while pressed against the target material. The tip of the drill bit does the work of cutting into the target material, either slicing off thin shavings...
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    Hot Tapping Machines - (13 companies)
    Hot tapping machines are used to safely drill into pressurized pipe to add main or service lines without interrupting the service. Hot tapping machines are used to drill into pressurized pipelines to add or replace main or service lines without...
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    End Mills - (558 companies) Tables 1 through 62. It also includes general definitions, sizes, and tolerances. BS ISO - 1641-1 - End Mills And Slot Drills - Part 1: Milling Cutters With Cylindrical Shanks. ISO 1641-3 - This part of ISO 1641 specifies the general dimensions...
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    Guide Bushings and Drill Bushings - (145 companies)
    ...types of a drill guide. Examples include a drill and tap guide, drill bit guide, punch guide, and pillar guide. A drill and tap guide consists of an elongated body in longitudinal axis with the top and bottom and two sides. A drill bit guide is a self...
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    Hall Effect Position Sensors - (69 companies)
    Hall effect position sensors are non-contact devices that convert energy from a magnetic field into an electrical signal. They use the Hall effect, a voltage caused by current-flow in the presence of a magnetic field. Hall effect position sensors...
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  • Technical support systems
    The drilling - end effector consists by a commercial drill of a level compensation and a locking possibility.
  • Determinant Spar Assembly Cell
    When the spindle end effector (SEE) is attached to the NC machine the system has the functionality of a traditional 5 axis machine tool and is capable of drilling , tapping , machining, trimming and probing (See Figure 4).
  • Navigation and manipulation for autonomous underwater dismantling of offshore structures
    Figure 3-4: The right end of the key bit features a hexagonal shaft that functions as a generic point to which a torque-transmitting end effector may attach, and the gold and white rings are lock rings keep the key bit .... Finally, both geometric features protruding from either the side or the end of the key bit shaft at the left end of the key bit transmit torque and thrust to either the drilling piece or the tapping piece.
  • Radiochemical Processing Laboratory High-Level Vault Characterization Report
    The gripper portion of the end - effector was machined to have a +-shaped cross section that meshed well with the gripper jaws. .... A hole was drilled and tapped just outboard of the gripper, to which a hook could be threaded.
  • Robotics in the mouth, jaw and face surgery
    On an example fª a drilling operation in the bone, this must be shown hereinafter. .... The complete operation finds instead ever 3 Kr ~ ifte and moments under the control elnes of tactile sensor, a Kraftmegdose fª in the wrist of the end effector .
  • The update in that navigates controlled and mechatronisch assisted head-neck-surgery in Germany
    As end effector , a medical cutter of the fa became. .... by use of a navigation pointer and the Polaris navigation camera became the drilling operation as planned…
  • Marks’ Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers, Eleventh Edition > ROBOTICS, MECHATRONICS, AND INTELLIGENT AUTOMATION
    View of the gas pipe robot end effector . .... In operation, the robot head is inserted into the main through a small tap , and pushed along .... The robot head is then raised into drilling position, and a small hole is drilled through the…
  • Handbook of Manufacturing Engineering and Technology
    PKMTs are intrinsically more accurate because the errors reflected at the end effector are the average error of the joints instead of the cumulative error as in the case of their serial counterparts. .... This configuration is widely used in high-speed drilling or tapping .
  • Vegetative physiology
    Affinity working end factors. .... binding curve depends on indeed predominantly the reaction manner of hemoglobin, specific allosterische effectors can the O2 … is to observe by disorders of the acid-base-status particularly becomes as the drilling -effect characterizes.
  • Production factor mathematics
    The basis forms a model of the machine to calibrate which must consider all the error influences acting on the end effector . .... Mathematical modeling and simulation of Zerspan processes with geometrically certain cutting edge like planes, drilling and cutters is a current field of research.

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