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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
DTGA0202S Global Industrial Acme Electric Llc Not Provided Acme Electric Dtga0202s Drive Isolation Transformer, 3 Ph, 60 Hz, 460 Delta Primary Volts, 20 W
DTFA0514S Global Industrial Acme Electric Llc Not Provided Acme Electric Dtfa0514s Drive Isolation Transformer, 3 Ph, 60 Hz, 230 Delta Primary Volts, 51 W
DTGB0344S Global Industrial Acme Electric Llc Not Provided Acme Dtgb0344s Drive Isolation Transformer, 3 Ph, 60 Hz, 460 Delta Primary V, 34 W, Floor Mount
DTHB72S Allied Electronics, Inc. ACME ELECTRIC Not Provided DRIVE ISOLATION TRANSFORMER 575V DELTA PRI 460Y/266 V SEC - 7.5 KVA - 60HZ - 3 P
DM093JC Allied Electronics, Inc. HAMMOND POWER SOLUTIONS Not Provided Transformer, drive isolation, 460Vi, 3PH, 93kVA, 230Y/133V, 60Hz
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  • Isolation Transformer to Perform Line Leakage or Functional Run Tests
    Associated Research strongly recommends the use of an isolation transformer or isolated power source for powering up the Device Under Test (DUT) when performing the Line Leakage or Functional Run tests. This white paper covers the various reasons for isolating the DUT power source during
  • Reactors Provide a Low-cost Solution to Inverter / Drive Power Quality
    not previously encountered with the older, isolation transformer protected systems. With the isolation transformer gone, the quality of the power delivered to the drive became more evident. The drives were very sensitive to line fluctuations and other nuisance problems not noticed before. A solution
  • Application Note: Transformer Selection Considerations
    if the AC mains is not at the correct voltage level. For example, if the drive requires 230 vac but the plant supply is 460 vac then a step-down transformer will be needed. Electrical isolations is usually not required (check the servo drive specifications) and an autotransformer will be the most
  • 18-pulse Drives and Voltage Unbalance
    the drive to eighteen-pulse operation. The net result is a system solution well within the means of many system integrators. A typical diagram of a series connected eighteen pulse drive constructed from a standard six-pulse drive, two external rectifiers and a conventional 18 pulse isolation transformer
  • Harmonic Mitigation of 12-pulse Drives with Unbalanced Input Line Voltages
    to the utility unbalance at the point of utilization. Figure 3. To determine how a twelve-pulse drive system operates under unbalanced line voltage conditions, we constructed a 30 HP twelve-pulse drive from a standard delta delta-wye isolation transformer and standard six-pulse drive using
  • Building a Reliable VFD System (.pdf)
    A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) regulates the speed of a 3-phase AC electric motor by controlling the frequency and voltage of the power it delivers to the motor. Today, these devices (also known as Adjustable Speed Drives or Variable Speed Drives) are becoming prevalent in a wide range
  • Current Sensor Info.
    providinggalvanic isolation. Products : ShareThis. Home. About. Tamura Corporation. Tamura Corporation of America. News. New Products. Products. AC/DC Switching Supplies. Current Sensors. DC:DC Converter. Large Industrial Transformers. LED. Linear Power Transformers. Switch Mode Power
  • Does This NEMA Rating Match Your Required IP Rating?
    , fuses, isolation transformers, etc. Two widely accepted rating systems are the NEMA and the IP codes. NEMA, short for National Electric Manufacturers' Association, is commonly specified at installations in the U.S.A. IP, which is an abbreviation for International Protection, is derived from the IEC

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