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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
9600284004 Radwell Danaher Motion Not Provided FLEXIBLE SHAFT COUPLING FOR BALL SCREW DRIVE UNITS
9600284004 Radwell Thomson Industries Not Provided FLEXIBLE SHAFT COUPLING FOR BALL SCREW DRIVE UNITS
9600284005 Radwell Danaher Motion Not Provided FLEXIBLE SHAFT COUPLING FOR BELT DRIVE UNITS
9600284005 Radwell Thomson Industries Not Provided FLEXIBLE SHAFT COUPLING FOR BELT DRIVE UNITS
005626400A Radwell Burgmaster Motors/GearBox/Clutch, Shaft Coupling HARMONIC DRIVE MODULE ASSY
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  • Proper Shaft Fits for Precision Coupling Devices
    When sizing high performance drive components, proper shaft fit is an important consideration in helping to maintain concentricity and balance in the rotating equipment. In v-belt drives, chain drives and other low-cost / low-speed systems, designers often give little thought to shaft fit. Many
  • Sorting out shaft connections
    Motors and gearboxes that generate high torque and acceleration may make shaft keys obsolete. Designers should analyze stresses and backlash when weighing keyed versus keyless shafts. Stresses in the keyway are critical in evaluating the shaft's torque capacity. Opposing forces exerted by the shaft
  • Coupling Motion Systems for Zero Backlash
    is the zerobacklash coupling that connects a motor to a linear stage. For instance, a coupling might connect a servomotor to a ball screw that drives a vision system used for inspection. * Mechanical couplings used in precision motion systems require a trade-off between damping and rigidity. * Different
  • Microfiber Ring Protects Bearings from Shaft Currents
    ones failed only five months later. Once again, that caused costly downtime and repair. In fact, a failed 1.5-MW generator can account for over $48,000 of lost revenue if down for a month, and repair costs can add up to as much as $50,000. Parasitic capacitive coupling between the rotor shaft
  • Direct-drive motors: Fast And Accurate
    . Direct-drive motors provide a large diameter mounting surface and eliminate belts, transmissions, and couplings to reduce windup and compliance. Removing the compliance lets the system remain stable under higher controller-gain settings. Traditional high-performance rotary machines such as tables, robots
  • Speed Reducers and the Mounting of Speed Reducers
    can be accomplished in a few different ways. If the two shafts are coupled shaft-to-shaft directly, a coupling is required. If they are not coupled shaft-to-shaft, the speed reducer generally has a "quill-style" or hollow shaft for the prime mover shaft to mount into. The coupling is accomplished
  • Taking torque around corners
    of couplings can join rotating drives when there is just a small misalignment between shafts ( <3°). But designs with misalignments approaching 10° or more leave just three choices: Cardan-type universal joints (automotive-style needle bearing and block-and-pin), and flexible shafts. joints, also
    The concept of fatigue resistance in flexible shaft coupling design has been highly valued by R+W since its inception in 1990. For much of its first two decades in business the company focus was almost exclusively on couplings for high performance servo drive technology. When it comes to machinery
  • What to look for in a servocoupling
    Torque, shaft misalignment, stiffness, rpm, and space requirements are some of the factors to consider when selecting a coupling for servo applications. Servocouplings come in a variety of designs but all have zero backlash. Servocouplings are typified by their ability to transmit torque with zero
  • Eliminating compliance in servosystems
    A traditional motor-mounting arrangement consists of a housed motor coupled to a lead or ball-screw shaft by a flexible coupling and a motor mount. A direct drive consists of a rotor assembly fabricated directly on the ball screw, eliminating duplicate motor parts, compliant couplings, and brackets

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