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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
DS50PCI402SQ/NOPB Perfect Parts Corporation TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC Line Driver or Receiver LINE TRANSCEIVER, QCC54
DS50PCI401SQE/NOPB Perfect Parts Corporation TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC Line Driver or Receiver QUAD LINE TRANSCEIVER, QCC54
DS80PCI102SQ/NOPB Perfect Parts Corporation TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC Line Driver or Receiver LINE TRANSCEIVER
U234-005-R Digi-Key Tripp Lite Computers, Office - Components, Accessories CARD PCI USB 2.0 5PORT W/DRIVERS
A6X30020621 PLC Radwell Siemens Building Technologies Not Provided CP 1613 A2 PCI CARD & DRIVER KIT
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  • Correcting Device Driver Issues
    option. 4. Click. the. OK button to continue. A warning box appears confirming the removal of the. Unknown Device. Click the OK button to confirm the device removal. 5. Remove the USB or PCI device from your computer. Correcting Device Driver Issues. 1. Correcting Device Driver Issues. USB Devices
  • LIN 2.0 Compliant Driver Using the PIC18XXXX Family Microcontrollers
    This application note presents a LIN 2.0-compliant driver for the PIC18XXXX family of microcontrollers. This document will focus on the setup and implementation of the driver for a master and/or a slave node(s). The material in this document is presented with the assumption that the reader
  • LIN 2.0 Compliant Driver Using the PIC16FXXX Family Microcontrollers
    AN1099 LIN 2.0 Compliant Driver Using the PIC16FXXX Family Microcontrollers LIN 2.0 CHANGES Authors: Thorsten Waclawcyzk Microchip Technology Inc. * Signal groups are replaced with byte arrays that support signal sizes up to eight bytes. Jin Xu * Automatic bit rate detection
  • ADC2000-PCI "Unrecognized by Windows" Solution
    IRQ. An unrecognized ADC2000-PCI would give two memory ranges, one I/O range, and a single IRQ. Note that the boot problem is an anomaly. If an ADC2000-PCI is not recognized by the operating system, it is typically due to incorrect installation and/or an antiquated software driver (which would
  • PCI Express Advances Machine Vision
    , that simplify the addition. driver, operating system, and application levels. The hardware for a. of new functions if the operating system supports them. PCIe link handles the transition from parallel, memory-mapped data. Peripherals with a native PCIe interface are also positioned to. transfers of PCI
  • Using the PC/104-Plus (PCI) Interface for System Expansion Cards
    • as the PCI interface ICs, but have the advantage of customizing the PCI. Software/driver support. interface to your applications. All major FPGA manufactures have parts. All modern operating systems require a driver to communicate with PCI. that will interface to PCI and also sell
  • Implementing PCI Express Interconnects in xTCA (.pdf)
    for the applications to use. wider market forces. As a result, in order to guarantee supply,. for this communication model, but that is about to change. New. it is vital that any COTS procurement is supported by a Long. software drivers currently in development, Network Direct Driver. Term Support strategy
  • The Best Price-Performance GPIB (IEEE 488) Interface Controller Card
    1.5MB/s data transfer rate to satisfy the high volume data transfer requirements between instruments and computers. The ADLINK PCI-3488 supports Windows 98/NT/2000/XP, and its driver library is compatible with NI-488.2* command sets. Programs written with NI-488.2* commands such as ibdev, ibrd