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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
T53-04W Global Industrial Arrow Pneumatics, Inc Not Provided Arrow Drop Leg Drain T53-04w, Zinc Bowl, 1/2" Npt, 175 Psi
T53-04 Global Industrial Arrow Pneumatics, Inc Not Provided Arrow Automatic Drop Leg Drain T53-04, Zinc Bowl, 1/2" Npt, 150 Psi

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  • Typical Manifold Installations
    On liquid service the instrument should be mounted below the process connections to facilitate self-bleeding. On gas service it should be located above the process connections to promote self-draining. If the process contains particulates, a "pigtail" loop or drop leg (manometer "U-tube
  • 15 Rules on Condensation
    condensation which is carried from the main line or is formed in the drop leg will collect below the connection for the air usage. Rule 8. Always install drip legs in the pipe distribution system. A drip leg is a pipe that extends downward from the bottom of an air line to collect the condensation flow
  • AN0007 Stack Chip Components Handling and Usage
    push each. component from the packing piece onto the bench. Do not allow the. components to drop. It is preferable to place empty packing pieces. on the bench, so as to protect units as they are removed. Take special care when removing ‘L’ leaded components, as the legs will be sandwiched. between
  • Finally . . . a Chair That Falls Down and Picks Itself Up Again
    torque of 4.5 Nm. He added his own 9:1 gearbox for a total reduction ratio of 13,734:1. "We solved the problem with sheer torque, flat out power, " says Donovan. The trade-off is a corresponding drop in speed. "Motors with enough torque to stand the chair up quickly would be too big and increase
  • Y-Strainer or Basket Strainer?
    is the flow rate. Any flow rate over 150 GPM will most likely require a basket strainer because of pressure drop considerations. Strainers are usually sized so that their start up pressure drop is no greater than 2 PSI, with a line velocity not to exceed 8 FPS. On a per size basis, basket strainers
  • Medical Device Link .
    drop varies. However, a recent study published in the journal Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair indicated that devices such as the WalkAide system by Innovative Neurotronics Inc. (Bethesda, MD) could improve the fluidity of a patient 's movement. When strapped onto a patient 's leg
  • DeviceNet TM Power Guide (.pdf)
    DeviceNet has many advantages over point to point wiring. One main advantage is that the network can carry power to the input devices. This feature reduces the number of cables and simplifies the overall design. However, since the cable carries power over long distances, voltage drop and current
  • Measuring Length and Rate Using Quadrature for an Oil Drilling Operation
    control is achieved by drop-. ping four widely-spaced anchors to the. 0-20 mA. seabed, then using power winches at the. Drilling rate. four corners of the platform to pull in the. Anchor. Anchor. anchor chains under computer control. chain 1. chain 2. Oil platform. There is a high degree of vibration

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