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  • Comparative Test of Low Voltage Lighting Transformers
    . Installation. Maintenance. Newsletter. Licensing. FAQ. Support. Overview. Product Documents. Maintenance. FAQ. Gallery. Contact. Referrals. STORE. homeowners. Learning / Articles / Product Information. Comparative Test of Low Voltage Lighting Transformers. Two Leading Landscape Lighting Transformers
  • Remote Control
    Automotive and electrical components that need be thermal-cycled come in many shapes and sizes, as do test chambers. But one size definitely does not fit all. Just try to force your half-buck fixture into your 8ft3 chamber or explain to management why a walk-in chamber is being used to test four
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    operating in “normal” test mode, real-time pressure changes, pressure drop due to leakage, date and time of test, and type of fault are displayed. No operator judgment is required. Lighted indicators on the front panel show amber for “test-in-progress,” green for “accept,” and red for “reject
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    are also seeking to satisfy a growing demand for the development of immunoassays capable of providing quantitative test results. Because achievement of quantitative test results often depends on the repeatability of the individual processes used in manufacturing a test, greater control over such processes
  • Medical Device Link . Lateral-flow assays: Designing for automation
    iagnostic test strips are everywhere these days. And much like the universe, the market for these products continues to expand at an astronomical pace. But when the manufacturer of such a lateral-flow assay suddenly finds that it has more customers than it could ever have imagined, it can also find
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    below 30%, the cure rate will drop dramatically. It is best to use a surface-insensitive product in this situation or an accelerator if the humidity cannot be maintained at an acceptable level. KEY PROPERTIES OF CURED (SOLID) CYANOACRYLATES In its cured (solid) state, the cyanoacrylate properties
  • Eight Great Things Manufacturing Engineers Must Know About Leak Testing Equipment to Maintain Quality Control without Sacrificing Production Speeds
    knowledge about what to look. for in leak detection devices, test engineers can increase the odds that all products will roll off the. production line with absolute quality assurance without acting as an anchor to production. schedules. ./6ea14fa3-8133-4bda-b9c1-29707d0ab5db Eight Great Things
  • Multi-lead Organic Air-Cavity Package for High Power High Frequency RFICs
    hermetic sealing. package platform, such as NI-780. requirements, toughness and ductility which allows the. window frame to withstand high stresses during assembly. Higher power amplifier RFIC offered by Freescale provides. ( >100 lb RF test fixture loads and lead bending and high. the system designer
  • Testing Teccor Semiconductor Devices Using Curve Tracers (.pdf)
    . Operation of. and/or voltages are difficult to conduct accurately and without. Tektronix CTs is simple and straightforward and easily taught to. damaging the devices. A special high-current test fixture avail-. non-technical personnel. Although widely used by semiconductor. able from Tektronix can extend
  • Medical Device Link . Adhesive Bonding of Medical Plastics: An Overview
    of these limitations, a block-shear test method (ASTM D 4501) was chosen. Block-shear testing places the load on a thicker section of the test specimen that can withstand higher loads before experiencing substrate failure. In addition, the geometry of the test specimens and the block-shear fixture helps minimize peel

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